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David Wilcock Responds to Fulfords Latest Blog Post

In Response To: Ben Fulford, blurb: “Only one man now stands between humanity and freedom: Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Black Pope” (hobie) Monday, 18-Apr-2011


Comment by dwilcock on April 19, 2011

We are definitely in a uniquely challenging moment of our planet’s history. The difficulty factor for everyone right now is extreme. It is easy for people reading Ben’s blog to see a sentence where he is describing palpable death threats he is receiving, and to not then realize what an effect this must have on his state of mind — particularly in the wake of a completely devastating and 100-percent successful attack on his home country that dwarfs 9/11 in severity by many orders of magnitude.

I have worked with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot for some time, in various capacities. They put all their content out for free and have never charged anything for what they do. Kerry has had to routinely ask for emergency donations to keep doing the work she’s doing and has had a very difficult time.

Ben is putting all his content out by subscription, and he’s also doing conferences in Japan, but he’s obviously not getting enough revenue to meet his basic needs. There are probably not more than a couple hundred subscribers here, even though many more people should be reading this as it is well worth such a modest investment.

Some people have asked why the White Dragon Society doesn’t help Ben financially if they have all this money. The answer should be obvious as Ben has stated it himself on many occasions. He does not want to accept insider payments from ANYONE, regardless of whether they appear to be on the good side of the fence or not.

The reason for this is very simple. You do not know who you can trust; people can turn on you, and if they have financed you, and / or you are dependent upon them in some way, they now have you in a totally compromised position.

I am sure that Ben has been offered help of this sort, but he is very protective of himself and has seen some very bizarre things happen — including, if you believe him, an attack that put a huge, sickening newt-like parasite into his upper back under the skin.

No one would imagine this savage attack on Japan could have been successful, but it was. I’m sure Ben must feel the same way about the threats on his own life. If his wife is living in New York at the moment, that only further adds to the overall financial burden they are carrying.

I am also certain that Ben was worried about soliciting donations specifically because of the power of his enemies. He knows they are looking for every opportunity to bury him alive — now apparently literally — and they always prefer to catch you doing something that is illegal or otherwise actionable in a traditional sense, so as not to arouse suspicion of any foul play.

Here’s my proposal. If I were in Ben’s position, I would put up a PAYMENT link that goes to PayPal on every website, rather than a DONATION link. That way we are PAYING him for work he has already done for us, as an adjunct to our subscription fee, rather than DONATING to him, which is illegal. I would be more than happy to give generously.

I’ve seen this many times… once we help Ben out, he will breathe a huge sigh of relief and next week’s post will be one of his best yet. It is impossible for creativity and inspiration to flow, beyond a certain point, if you’re worried about how you’re going to afford groceries.

Having severe financial adversity affects every aspect of life — and right now, Ben is in a position where he undoubtedly needs to travel. If you travel with no money, it’s a serious drag — you’re looking at restaurant menus and wondering if you will be able to eat and still make it home.

I’ve spoken to Ben a few times now and know that his phone is literally ringing off the hook with insiders telling him various things. Frankly I’m amazed that he hasn’t had to do something like this before. There are so many people who are willing to dump heaps of shame, and expect everything should be given to them for free, but we are still in the “real world” and everyone, including your favorite Internet personalities, needs to pay their bills.

As for comments directed to me personally, I am in stable financial shape — thank goodness — and am working through two more major deadlines. I had Jim Hart here at my house, the author of CONTACT, working on our CONVERGENCE script — and that took some doing. I also took a much-needed vacation after my conference in San Francisco and spent a few days in nature, which was very nice. I had no cell or Internet access at all.

When I got back late Friday night, I had a huge paper copy of my final manuscript for The Source Field Investigations to work through, proofread for errors and re-submit by a deadline that impacts before the end of this week. I still am only halfway done and have found a variety of little errors that I am very glad I caught before the final version.

I must say that reading this on paper is stunning and highly rewarding. There are aspects of what I wrote that are jumping out at me in ways I never thought of when I was working on it, and in fact I am quite stunned at how much better it reads even than I thought at the time I did it. Most people still have no idea how comprehensive this really is, or how much I’m really disclosing here — but it is truly vast, and although the page count is over 550, not a single wasted word can be found.

Anyway, I need to dig myself out from this imminent deadline and address Jim’s final concerns for the science aspects of the CONVERGENCE script, which are quite difficult for us to arrange in their own right due to the complexities of filmic storytelling and the need to embed factual things in action sequences rather than getting bogged down in dialogue and exposition.

We have serious interest from at least four different sources now, each of which could finance the entire film, and we should have a finished script within no more than a week or two at the most. Very exciting!

I have some amazing stuff ready to post for my next article, and I fully intend to watch the latest version of “The Event” first — since this is highly relevant to what I will be saying. My goal is to get an article up before this coming weekend and I do hope I can accomplish that.

In the meantime, I will be personally contacting Ben at some point with my idea and am ready to pay him for the work he has already done for me, and for the planet.

- David Wilcock