Defiance of "Authority"


Truth feeder
Just wanted to start this thread because over the years, I've come to realize that the idea of authority is false in my eyes.

We give authority to a seemingly "magical" group of people who can "do no wrong", hence our worship and reverence of Police Officers, Bosses, School Principals, Heads of Corporations and last but not least, Politicians.

But what happens when those same folks engage in corruption? The very nature of their authority is throw into question. They no longer realize what their real purpose is and they start to destroy the trust that the people have in them.

It's there and then that they become fallible and the lowest of the low.

This is why I cannot respect authority figures. When cops laugh at you and ignore you and when bosses push you around and berate you. When heads of corporations are more concerned with profits and politicians are more concerned with their own statures.

Authority is false. No one has authority.

But in this world where we like to claim that all people are equal, somehow, the notion of authority exists.

What are your thoughts? I'm also interested in 777 The Great Work's take on authority as well.