Dino bones excavated in China


Millions of dino bones excavated in China
Last updated: Wednesday, December 3/ 2009

In China Hadrosauridae of the bones were found. Never before archaeologists found a skeleton of this dinausaurus.

Chinese palaeontologists have millions during excavations discovered dinosaur bones. The discovery happened in a region in eastern China. It reports the newspaper Beijing News.

50 tonnes of dinosaur bones
"This group of fossils is the most important discovery within the geographical area that was once done", said Zhao Xijin palaeontologist in the newspaper. The fossils are located near the city Zhucheng in the province of Shadong. Since the 60s in this region about 50 tonnes of dinosaur bones found.

Duck beak Dinosaur
The excavations were the bones of the Hadrosauridae, also known as duck bill dinosaur named, found. It is the first time that a skeleton of this dinausaurus, nine meters high and 16.6 meters long was found.


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