Dino Fossils evidence against evolution Saturday, February 21, 2009


Dino Fossils evidence against evolution
Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two cowboys shooting in 1890 a huge flying animal down. It has bulging eyes and a krokodillenbek of 2.5 meters. The Tombstone Epitaph newspaper of April 26 suggests that the "thunderbird" in the Indian legends could be. In each case, a Texan of the fossil quetzalcoatlus 1972 aptly match the description of the sample.

Youth "Dinosaurs" by biochemist Dr. Duane Gish in more than one respect remarkable. The prevailing view that dinosaurs 65 million to 250 million years ago lived, he not. He is even now that they can still occur in inaccessible areas on Earth. An indication of this comes from pygmies from Congo. Know the mokele mbembe, a smooth gray brown animal, much bigger than an elephant with a long tail, as strong as a crocodile. "

Dinosaurs are also in the Bible for. In the Bijbelboek Job -2000 years BC, is the Hebrew word "behemoth", an animal with a tail like a cedar and a huge mouth. For Gish, it is clear that this is not a hippo can be but one brachiosaurus: "Have you ever seen the tail of a hippopotamus?"

Drake Stories for Gish an indication that people in antiquity have been informed of the existence of dinosaurs. So let Nebukadnezar the Ishtar Gate in the image of a dragon with the name Sirrush sculpture. Chinese dragons could lay eggs, dinosaurs did that too. Moreover, the legend of St. George, which is around the year 300 a dragon killed, according to Gish not plucked out of the air. "We know that St. George has really lived and died as a martyr on 23 April 303."

Most of what we know about dinosaurs is based on fossilized bones, paw prints, and eggs. Fossils of dinosaurs have been found all over the world, sometimes in cemeteries where the fossil bones of different species of dinosaurs together.

Circular reasoning
According to the evolutionary model are the fossils as old as the rocks they found. This is usually in the millions of years. The assumed age of the rocks are often determined by who found the fossils, based on the assumed evolutionary development. "That is a circular argument. Scientists from the Bible think that this kind of layers with the fossils were formed during the flood, "said Gish. A fossil is created as an animal soon after his death, is buried, he says. "A dead animal on the ground or are in the water floating around is not a fossil, but pass.

During the fossilisatieproces each piece of bone or the plant bit by bit replaced by minerals such as silica, calcite and pyrite, which dissolved in groundwater. It is as hard as stone. It is in fact also become stone. "

The process lasts, according to fossil Gish not millions or even a thousand years. "In an old abandoned mine shaft was found a hat of a miner who fifty years earlier he had lost. That hat was so hard as stone has become. "

Gish describes in detail the process of excavation and preservation of fossils. "Once the bones are exposed, begins mapping. Each fossil is given a number, measured, photographed and there are notes. Once a fossil is exposed to air and humidity goes backwards in quality. To spray the curator of the curing resin, glue or shellac. Pieces that break, glue it carefully to each other. "

If the fossils cleaned, repaired and described, the preparateurs put them together to a standing skeleton. "This is a proper job. A skeleton can consist of hundreds of bones. "

Terrible lizard
The paleontology and fossil-science begins in 1840. Sir Richard Owen found that certain bones must come from animals that no longer exist. He called them dinosaur, meaning "terrible lizard" means. Since then, hundreds of bones of dinosaurs found. The book gives a comprehensive overview of.

Evolutionist who claim that birds arose from dinosaurs, according to Gish a problem. Some types of dinosaurs have bird hips, while other types of lizard hips have. Striking is that dinosaurs, which, according to the theory of evolution would qualify as precursors of birds, just the typical lizard hips have. For Gish fact is that no problem: "God made him so."

All fossils found, according to Gish remains of a ready-made animal show. "None of the animals for 25, 50 or 75 percent on the road to change, they are all 100 percent complete. Fossils provide a powerful evidence against evolution. "

"Dinosaurs" is an updated translation of the English version from 1992. It offers much information about dinosaurs from a Biblical position. Bible quotes are from the New Bible. That can be a bit strange over, but the reader need not be scared. However, it seems Gish in favor of the general reconciliation doctrine.

And sometimes he seems a little too eager in beating still questionable observations, such as a U-boat captain from 1915, the monster of Loch Ness and more such messages. But this would prove the existence of dinosaurs disappear, then Gish still a strong story against the defenders of evolutionary theory.

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