[Channeled] Don’t Give it Another Thought: When Life Gets You Down, Don’t Worry - Lady of Light - July 7, 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
July 7, 2012

There are those situations in life where we are faced with challenges, usually erupting from something to do with finances, but not solely restricted to such. In these situations, we tend to worry. We become afraid of what’s going to happen if something doesn’t change. Where’s the money going to come from for food, shelter, necessities in life.

Every time these things present themselves and times are tough, or something happens where there may be devastation of some kind in the immediate, there is a message that ALWAYS comes through to me. That message is “Stop worrying!”

Worry is the FEAR that things will not be as they need to be to survive. It’s hard not to worry and be afraid of these things sometimes. When that message comes, it DOES give some relief, and any depression that may have been setting in, tends to go away.

I KNOW that things will be ok. I feel it, and I just know deep down, and I keep getting the messages confirming it, but it’s still difficult in some situations.

Anytime the worry has been taken away, even in desperate times, things have turned out to be ok. But things only move quickly to the “ok” once the fear and the worry are surpassed and released.

One thing to be kept in mind in any time of worry, is that “things could always be worse”. Focus on the positive things, and trust when I say that when you stay positive, even in the most negative situations, things get better. It’s about attitude and riddance of fear. Fear is our worst enemy. Yes, it can save us in certain situation from being injured or killed, but for everything ELSE, it is a negative thing.

In life, we tend to also worry about what others think and feel about what we do. This is also something we need to stop worrying about. Worry causes much undue stress. Just do what you have to do and what you feel you NEED to do and don’t worry about anyone else. As long as what you do is not going to negatively affect anyone, then you have the right to do what you please without the constant nagging feeling of what someone will say to you or think of you because of your actions. I think this is biggest cause of CONSTANT worry in all of our lives. Get past those little things and the bigger things won’t hit you as hard because you won’t already be worn down with the stress of the little things that constantly nag at you without you realizing it.

Letting go of our fears will free us. It is the ONLY way to free us. It is also the the last step in letting go and becoming part of something much bigger and much more free and healthy. This takes lifetimes to achieve. It is part of our learning, but it is a lesson that MUST be learned in order to move on and understand that which is beyond where we are now as a people.

This message applies to everything in our lives that we constantly put the focus into that causes stress and worry. Financial situations, love, what others think of us, etc, etc, etc….. the list goes on. Whatever it is in your life that causes those fears, those worries, those stresses, are the things that need to be addressed and be given permission to be let go of. Holding on to the thoughts of what bothers you only makes the situation escalate because “energy goes where attention flows”. If you focus on what bothers you and keep that worry going, whatever it is, will continue to be there, it will never go away. But, if you stop focusing on it, and I know this is hard to do for a lot of people, things will start to change.

Now, I’m not saying don’t take care of the things in your path that you have control over. Naturally, if it is something that is not just a “thought” and requires attention to solve, you must take the steps necessary to solve the issue before you can just forget about it.

Things that are not within your control, like finding someone to love you, and having all kinds of money, and things of that nature are the things that keep us worried constantly because of how we are forced to live in this society, require us to let go before things will change. Things WILL change; it is all about your attitude and focus.

A good practice when ridding yourself of worry is to focus on positive things. Don’t focus on the “how to”, simply focus on the “what will be” and the “what IS”. Be grateful for the things you DO have and those who surround you who you care about and who care about you. This can take some practice, but it really doesn’t take long to develop the right attitude to leave that worry behind and remain positive through most things.

Remember, no matter how bad something may seem, things could always be worse. There’s always going to be someone out there in this world who is worse off than you. When you focus in this manner, it tends to put things into perspective and helps to get that positive outlook going and to keep it going.

Stress (frustration, anger, worry), is the biggest setback when it comes to being more “enlightened” and reaching any form of happiness. To be happy, DON’T WORRY!

Bobby McFerrin was very accurate in his song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. You can’t be happy if you are filled with worries, and it does take a toll on your physical health, your mental health, as well as your emotional well being.

To be happy, to have everything you need in life, to be healthy, and all the other benefits this world has to offer naturally, you just have to let go and relax and stop worrying about things, especially those things you can’t control. True control over situations is to remain calm and not give more energy to them than necessary. Worry is not a necessary function to any situation. Let go. Just let it all go.
Not worrying is easier said than done lady, but you right don't sweat the small stuff. We are infinite consciousness and nothing can truly hurt us accept ourselves.

Great post yet again ;)
Better yet, don't sweat anything. Learn to do it. I have recently realized something that has changed my whole perspective on things. Nothing will ever trouble me again. I had this feeling years ago after a particularly profound meditation, but let it go - almost encouraged it to do so, in fact - because I thought there was no way to live "normally" feeling that way. And that was entirely true! We can't be normal and in a state of profound bliss and understanding, and be perceived as anything even resembling normal. But here's the big surprise: Everything is precisely as it should be. Worry does nothing to prevent nor to rectify those situations. The next part of the surprise: Everything is an illusion. Treat it as such. It's all your creation. Re-create, every thing and every moment you're here. Create and recreate. You have all the power. It's within your scope to use it. You just have to know this.
Not worrying is easier said than done lady, but you right don't sweat the small stuff. We are infinite consciousness and nothing can truly hurt us accept ourselves.

Great post yet again ;)

Agreed. It's not always easy to not worry about some things in life. I agree that the little things SHOULD be let go and not worried about, but in the moment, it's difficult at times.

I'm sure, like you say, with practice it will get easier, so I guess i should start practicing then. :) Who knows, with a little practice, maybe I'll be calmer on here. :)