Dry Mediterranean Sea Desalination


Dry Mediterranean Sea
Sunday, February 15, 2009

About five million years ago the Mediterranean Sea was dry because it was isolated from the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait of Gibraltar was by nature a scientist Rob Govers, University Utrecht up, because the weight on the crust decreased. Govers published his findings in the February issue of the scientific journal Geology.

Like a mattress springs back when you graduate from, the crust springs up when the sea level drops. This phenomenon is called isostasie. The top of the crust caused five million years ago a dam between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This settlement was 170.000 years. Like today, the Mediterranean Sea five million years ago an evaporation basin. Because no water was given through the Straits of Gibraltar, the evaporated water from the Mediterranean Sea and it was dry.

The Mediterranean Sea today. Filled with water.

Restoration of sea
Hundred hundred years after the closure was the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean restored. Govers suspect that here the motion of the crust played a crucial role. Under Gibraltar off the African plate under the European plate. The weight of the 'sinking' end of the African plate, the entire region to have drawn down. Govers proves with CT scans of the interior of the earth and with measurements of gravity. Both have a heavy mass to see four hundred kilometers within the area.

Govers, R., 2009. Choking the Mediterranean to Dehydration: the Messinian salinity crisis. Geology 37 (2): 167-170.

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