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The three pro-Israel hawks, Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham have been pushing Obama to provide more arms to anti-Assad foreign rebel groups. The three Zionists lawmakers are known for their thirst for Muslim blood. There is no war these threesome doesn’t like – it may be against Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Lebanon or Iraq.

The Zionist advocacy groups are working three shifts to fabricate new lies about the danger of Assad’s prolonged stay in power. Israel, on the other hand, doesn’t care about a regime change in Damascus – it would rather prefer ‘Somalization’ of Syria into several small ethnic states like it achieved in the neighboring Iraq. Dr. Hassan Mneimneh, a former director of ‘Institue for American Values‘, wrote at Washington-based Zionist advocacy group, German Marshal Fund‘ website on January 16, 2013: “A coalition of the willing capable of halting Syria’s internecine violence and the disintegration of the region order (US-Israel domination) is long overdue“. Hassan also warned that though the current bloodshed and refugee problem have posed no threat to Israel – it could “provide Hizballah with an opportunity to establish direct control over Lebanon“. In 2011, Hassan Mneimneh penned an article in which he had supported Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that Palestinian should recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” before starting any new Israel-PA dialogue.

In 2007, American Jewish investigating journalist Seymor Hersh reported that anti-Assad war was planned by many years ago by the US, Saudi and anti-Hizballah Lebanese politicians. The US-engineered Arab Spring was to destablize Israeli neighbors and bring pro-USrael regime changes in Damascus, Beirut and Tehran.

In fact what is going on in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are all fronts in the covert multi-dimensional war against the Islamic regime in Iran. Even, Britain’s former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sack had admitted this fact on BBC during the 8-day Israeli airstrikes over Gaza, by saying: “I think it has got to do with Iran, actually“.

“Since 2006 and the Israeli defeat in Lebanon in that year there was renewed focus on the strategic alliance between Iran and Syria. Both countries have been very resilient in the face of US designs in their region. Together both have been key players for influencing events in the Middle East, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Their strategic alliance has undoubtedly played an important role in shaping the geo-political landscape in the Middle East. Although critics of Damascus say it has done very little in regard to substantial action against the Israelis, the Syrians have been the partners within this alliance that have carried the greatest weight in regards to facing Israel; it has been through Syria that Hezbollah and the Palestinians have been provided havens, logistics, and their initial strategic depth against Israel,” says Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, an award-winning author and geopolitical analyst.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s speech early this month has crushed US-Turkey-NATO hopes for capitulation – conflict drops from headlines.

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