Truth feeder

Boyne Falls, Michigan, U.S. 131
Do not pass while opposing traffic present.

Rim Drive, Durango, CO
Warning: Do Not Hit This Sign

Various Parts of Jamaica
In Jamaica, they call Speed Bumps “Sleeping Policemen”, so in some parts of the island, there are signs that read, “Warning! Sleeping Policemen Ahead”.

Unknown Road, Clemson, SC
Caution water on road during rain.

Unknown Location
Headless man crossing in image form.

University of North Texas Cafeteria
Do not place buttered bread in the toasters!

McDonald’s in Johnson City, NY
Parking for drive-thru service only

Somewhere in Ohio…
In a roadside sign reads, “No Signs”

Unknown Bridge, Toronto, Canada
Structures built by SONCIN. Drive carefully.

Lime Kiln Park, Grafton, WI
Soccer not allowed. Soccer may only be played in archery range.

Unknown Road Sign
Secret Nuclear Bunker >

Braille menu available upon request.
Picture menu available for those unable to read.

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Road Closed. Use Sidewalk.

South Side of San Antonio, TX
Cemetery Road. Dead End

A gas pump
The sign reads, “Please Pre-Pay in advance.”