Truth feeder

We received an email the other day asking a very good question: How to get memories back? I’d like to talk about that a little.

First, let me say that we are not experts. Most of our experience comes from what we have had to go through personally. But we will share with you a little about that, for those who are interested.

So this post is directed to those people who feel that they have experienced trauma based mind control. This is how the mind is split and how the personalities are created and is often begun when the person is a child and the brain is not yet fully developed (all the better for them to work with). To recap, trauma is used to being the individual to a point where they have only two choices: split off into a new personality, or die.

When we split off into other personalities, our core personality becomes completely unaware of what is going on when the alter personalities are in the forefront, also called executive consciousness. For those of you interested in this subject, I strongly recommend reading the works of the amazing Dr. Colin Ross. You will be hard pressed to find information about trauma based mind control, it is certainly not in the DSM-IV. They only recognize Multiple Personality Disorder, now called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Please also review our book list at the website on our Links page.

The two main types of mind control that Duncan and I have come across are those done as part of a government program such as MK ULTRA, or as part of Satanic Ritual Abuse, The line is blurry between these as they both often intersect.

We have had so many letters from people stating that they were part of a program or feel that they have memories hidden. This does not surprise me in the least. If this post can help people even a little, then we will be very glad indeed.

So … how to get memories back?

First, we have to ask, are you sure you want the memories? The reason we ask this is so many memories are just horrible, and can cause you to re-experience the trauma all over again. For me personally, I have stopped trying to force memories out because when they come, they are just awful and can send me into a tailspin for days at a time.

Now, you could try Duncan’s method of memory retrieval. Simply get into a very bad near-fatal car accident that damages your cranial implant and get into an MRI. Voila, memories! OK, I’m kidding here, but my point is that very often memories will return as the result of a head injury or accident, or a separate trauma that links to the original trauma. Another example of this is that years ago I was being stalked and the trauma from that brought up repressed memories for me of being abused.

One technique that I have found to be most helpful is doing an exercise called the Green Spiral Staircase. This could be classified as a self guided meditation, but it is more than that. It uses color and symbols very specifically to access parts of the brain that have hidden memories. This protocol was developed by our friend Stewart Swerdlow over at Expansions.com. I have found several of his techniques to be very useful in getting back memories in real time.

Just please remember folks, it is so important to have some sort of support system while doing this work. The fallout from this can be tremendous. I strongly advise against plunging willy nilly into memories without developing the means to deal with what you may find. Also, if you have been part of an MK ULTRA project, know that the programmers and the programming is extremely sophisticated. They plant all kinds of booby traps in your head, and also things called Wernicke’s comands (see Metatech.org for more info on these). You will never be able to undo what has been done, and you may hit upon programming that is designed to make you self-destruct. Be. Very. Careful.

The other thing that we have found to be helpful in getting memories back is to explore what little information you already have. For example, you may have a fleeting memory of something. Focus on that one thing and look at every detail that you can see. Allow yourself to “guess” at what happened before or next. By saying it’s just a guess, you give your mind the freedom to open up the memory without judgment or censure and you may get more back.

In your life, look for things that cause a memory to surface. Be wary of triggers. We have found that simply by focusing on the intent to get memories back, they will start to come. Sometimes maddeningly slowly, but they will come. You may find it helpful to keep a journal or log, as a lot of times with memory fragments, things will come up that make no sense whatsoever. This happens with Duncan and me a lot when we get memories back. Sometimes one of us will get a part and then months or years later the rest will surface. We keep going back to the same memories too, because rehashing those will often open up new ones. If you take the time to focus on this work, you can get memories back.