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On November 8, 2012, Dutch daily Telegraaf quoted former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt as saying that Jews should have been given a safe homeland in Germany instead of Palestine – as Palestinians had nothing to do with the Nazi Holocaust – which was committed by the Frankist Jews, according to Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (died 2012).

“Jews need a safe place. Why couldn’t they get a safe place in Germany, at the time?”, he said while adding: “It would be more logical for Jews to have gotten a piece of land in Germany as the Middle East had nothing to do with World War II.”

Andreas Antonius Maria ( Dries) Van Agt (born 1931) served Prime Minister of Netherlands from 1977-1982. Earlier he had served as country’s Justice Minister (1971-77) and Deputy Prime Minister (1973-77). Dries Van Agt also served as Dutch ambassador to the US and Japan.

On June 27, 2008, Israeli daily Ha’aretz published an interview of Dries Van Agt in which the paper equated him with ‘anti-Semites’ like former US president Jimmy Carter and Russian-Israeli Jewish writer Israel Shamir.

“Regrettably, his anti-Israel views are not that unusual in the Netherlands these days. They are shared by a number of politicians from different parties and persuasions. While they are quite mainstream on the political left, these views are by no means confined to the left, as Van Agt’s example shows,” claimed Ha’aretz.

In February 2006 – professor James Petras in an article had claimed that Netherlands is totally controlled by pro-Israel groups and Mossad. He was commenting on why it was the Jewish Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, who solicited, selected and published the anti- Islam cartoons?

Dries Van Agt doesn’t urge the world to “wipe Israel off map” but criticizes the Zionist regime for its Nazi-like treatment of Native Palestinians. He has condemned suicide attacks against civilians in his speeches and on his personal website. However, he supports Palestinians’ rights to armed resistance under international laws. He also advocates the Palestinians’ right of return to their homes from where they were uprooted by the invading European Jewish terrorist groups. He supports sanctions, boycotts and divestment from Israel, to make the Zionist regime apply United Nations resolutions to resolve Israel-Palestinian bomb.

In fact what Dries Van Agt said now – Mahtama Gandhi had told Russian Jew, Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist congress, who later became the first president of the Zionist entity – that German Jews should stay put in their motherland and demand equal rights by non-violent protests. Gandhi had rejected the idea of a Jewish State in the Promised Land by pointing out that the “Palestine of the Biblical conception is not a geographical tract.”

Gandhi cnnot be called an anti-Semite, as his Jewish biographer, Joseph Lelyveld, has claimed in the book, ‘Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India’ that Gandhi has affair with German Jewish gay Dr. Hermann Kallenbach.

In 1948, India’s envoy at the UN Security Council, V.K. Krishna Menon also made a similar statement. “We agree that the Holocaust happened in Europe and was carried out by the German Nazis – Should not the Jews be compensated by awarding them the most fertile state of Germany (Bavaria) as a Jewish homeland? Why should the Palestinians made to pay for the crimes of others?”

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