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On August 24, Jeffrey Johnson, shot and killed Steve Ercolino plus injured nine others before he was shot dead by NYPD in a ‘police encounter’ outside Empire State Building. NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly called the shooting an act of a “disgruntled former employee” of Hazan Imports, a women’s accessories company located outside the Empire State Building. Watch a video below.

The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community website, Vos Iz Neiaz reported that the Hazan Imports is a Jewish-owned company. It was established by Ralph and Isaac Hazan of Deal, New Jersey. Sources in the Syrian community said Isaac died a few years ago after an extended illness, but Ralph still runs the operation.

Is Ray Kelly covering the real criminals? Ray Kelly has visited Israel several times. During a speech at Herzliyya conference on security, Kelly highlighted the special relationship between NYPD and Israel.

Kelly is a well-known Islamophobe. He provided help in the production of anti-Muslim film ‘The Third Jihad’ and showed the film to cops at an anti-terror training center in January 2012.

American Jewish writer, Max Blumenthal, in an article, entitled, ‘From Occupation to Occupy: Israelification of American Domestic Security’ wrote : “Given the amount of training the NYPD and so many other police forces have received from Israel’s military-intelligence apparatus, and the profuse levels of gratitude American police chiefs have expressed to their Israeli mentors, it is worth asking how much Israeli instruction has influenced the way the police have attempted to suppress the Occupy movement, and how much it will inform police repression of future upsurges of street protest. But already, the Israelification of American law enforcement appears to have intensified police hostility towards the civilian population, blurring the lines between protesters, common criminals, and terrorists. As [Avi] Dichter said, they are all just “crimiterrorists”.

New York’s Jewish Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that the shooting at the Empire State Building was not an act of terrorism. He said in press conference that the shooting victims were caught in the crossfire between the gunman and responding NYPD officers. However, several witnesses claim that the gunman did not shoot at police.

The good news is local officials and Netanyahu has not blamed Iran for the shooting.

Earlier July, Kelly called James Holmes, who killed 12 people at Aurora movie theatre “a deranged individual“. However, later it was reported that Holmes worked at Los Angeles Jewish children camp – and also worked at the Salk Institute in La Jolla as student intern. The Salk Institute was founded by Jewish Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine and allegedly conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients.

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