Energetic forces : Sunday, March 8, 2009

The omnipotence is the Creator of ALL THERE IS and the whole creation is created by energetic''Mental luminosity Energies''. The whole World and Humanity are a part of the creation of ALL THERE IS. Any man can with his own positive thoughts create a Heaven and his own negative thoughts create a HEL. Everything we own mind is sending back to us, because thoughts are energy''spiritual energies''. This energetic energies can manifest itself in everything, thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and business. So we always create our own reality with our own spiritual energy 'thoughts' that we are his boss. Is also aware of how powerful our thoughts energies are.

The entire world, including Humanity has Energies Energetic luminosity necessary, otherwise we would not exist. It is a natural evolution to ALL THERE IS needed can also be maintained. Therefore Unit in everything, even for Humanity that 'unconscious' in a lower consciousness come. Humanity knew nothing of his own inner Heart + Soul + Spirit Higher Self intelligence Master 10 + cells + 10 + 10 chakras senses off. You know, everything is stored in our DNA 10delig System. Every Man is protected by the Sacred Geometry, if we believe and trust in our own inner self. Therefore it is also your ego back in your soul, the heart than in your Unity Consciousness raised. Since we own boss, how we in this life, is who we are today, we are satisfied with it? Stay always connected with your inner self that always remains with us, is in our own Light Body and our earthly body. Soul Heart Is our own inner Energetic Mental I = EGO is our own personality, is aware of it we have in ourselves UNIT necessary.

The Light Body is our right of existence
The Light Body can protect us always by the Energetic Sacred Geometry. Therefore, a gel over everything that you are, are we ourselves. Our Energetic Light Body we continue survival, so activate your own awareness that truth is in you. Understand Man can not live without its own inner SELF and therefore our spiritual energy spiritual Light body cleaned. Our aura stands or falls with our mental body and these are our thoughts. With negative thoughts we create problems with positive thoughts we create happiness and health. Everything in our hearts even Energetic, approximate this in a spiritual energy field.

SQ intelligence
Humanity with its IQ intelligence can not understand this SQ intelligence. Everything in our inner self is energetic and we also mental approach. Everyone has their energetic''spiritual''SQ intelligence intellect necessary. We can activate our EGO conscious soul in our hearts back to places, it is our 5th Consciousness activated. Therefore feeding yourself with spiritual wisdom, this is our God consciousness. With confidence we are united in us, then our spirit healthy, then our physical body healthy.

20 senses
Everyone senses that we do not understand, otherwise we would use. 10 Our senses have a double function. As shown = see, hear = listen, feel = instinct knowing, intuitive knowledge = knowing etc. We can activate our senses as it is to believe + members. Then we go 6th Sensory, then we work together with our Heart and Soul Higher self.

Do not be afraid of dark''negative forces'', nobody can make me afraid, and nobody can make me do what I do not want. Dark forces have no power over us if we do not want. Say I do not want fears, emotions, and transform what is negative to positive energy. We can choose the Light that is positive. Negative thinking attracts negative on. We have our own free will and can do everything itself. Remember that everyone can forgive herself for everything negative, thoughts and mistakes and even lies that we call 'unconscious' are allowed, if we purify our own conscience. We do not feel guilty for our past let it go. Our past is past, the future is not there yet and therefore live in the here and now.

Subconscious self
Many people are still blinded by this negative 3rd Earth Consciousness. This 3deBewustzijn does not belong to Man, we heard in the 5th to Consciousness. So are many people in beliefs = egocentric grasping at something or someone, you detachment, then get yourself more space. Come to yourself, is softer for yourself and others, the 3rd Earth Consciousness are negativity and delivery Man pains. Our prerequisites for our own inner self-understanding, then our lives successful, we will do it for ourselves. Everyone should be happy and we have to force yourself. We are masters of our life, faith and trust in yourself than we are inside our immunity weather protected. We can all go in us as we again gel over one of our own inner self.

Source: spiritualwisdom.nl
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