Environmental, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, BPM, Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a letter of just a resident of the Netherlands:

Dear Inspector of Taxes,

I am sorry you have messages, it is impossible for me to see if my taxes for 2008 can still pay. My financial situation is very confusing thanks to the application of:

The Labor Code, the Copyright Act, the Lotteries, the products, the Housing, the licensing, the Health Act, etc. on a defenseless public is released.

All of these different laws, I am so humiliated, exhausted, exploited, rickety, and being squeezed out, which I do not remember where I am again, how I should be and I still am. I have been forced to pay for:

Environmental, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, BPM, income tax, property tax, transfer tax, State Tax, , road tax, insurance tax, Fair tax, luxury taxes, municipal taxes, Divident Tax, Inheritance Tax, Dog, entertainment tax.

And further:
Tobacco excise, gasoline excise, Spirits Excise, Stamp Duty, Registration Law, Legal Writing, Statistics Law, and what further rights.

I am obliged to contribute to:
WAO, AOW, AWW, WW, WWV, and many other labor;
As well as sickness insurance, health insurance and car insurance.

I will pay:
Port charges, deposit, parking, tolls, Sluis Money, Fees, Registration fee, Fee, Money Watch radio and television fees.

I am invited or required to contribute to:
Animals, Liberty Bond, Cancer, Asthma Fund Kidney Fund Leprosy Fund, Child Protection, Federal teetotaler, disaster and the Funeral Fund etc.

There is pressure on me in order to serve as support for:
the Red Cross, Green Cross, The White-Yellow Cross, The Orange Cross and a rainbow of other crosses.

The government and others that I rule in her name, so I have ruled that I do not know whose property I am. I am obliged suspect, interrogated, questioned, reprimanded, fined, penalized, viewed, analyzed, verified, monitored, purified, restricted, excluded, changed, dissolved, geo commandeerd, registered, issued by awareness, information, information, and highlighted shifted back and forth.

I have a big part of my life spent in completing, unsubscribe, write, delete and ratify and sign forms. I have already stated hundreds of times that I am born and where and when. But it seems hard to believe me, because I need it for all kinds of torture.
For associations, funds, associations, clubs, institutions, institutes, organizations and foundations appearance I an inexhaustible source for providing money and satisfy one's present and future needs of the human race. I am obliged for an energy label to pay for my house may sell. The only thing I have to live it, my curiosity:

This is perhaps the payment of environmental tax on a steak? Because the environment is polluted by emissions of gases by the beef. Then I feel my clogs around, what the next step will be that I am just required a sniffer pole to buy for my house. For my own emissions to measure and is also environmental costs.

Mr Inspector, as you can see, I am sorry I hardly afford to live, let alone to have to pay more.


A depleted taxpayer.

Source: watvindtnederlandervan