Espionage Center monitors holiday
Monday, February 9, 2009

The British government is building a secret database that the travel of 60 million Britons will keep. The center where the database will find names, addresses, phone numbers, seat reservations, itineraries and credit card data from all 250 million passengers for a period of 10 years to capture, as late as the Ministry of Affairs Binnenllandse know. This would be essential in combating terrorism, crime and illegal immigration. Skeptics fear that the arrival of a police state is accelerating.

"It seems that the government databases to build more and more information about our lives to save," says shadow minister Chris Grayling. "They always justified by security or personal protection to get there. But the truth is that we have a government that does not comply with these sensitive topics to be trusted. We must not allow a Big Brother society" should be, "said Grayling .

When a passenger buys a ticket to or from Great Britain to travel, that data sent to the agency. The data is then checked through various lists for terrorists or criminals, then to pick up. "Great Britain has one of the highest border of the world and we do everything to keep it. Our high-tech border system enables us to count passengers and is aimed at those who do not comply with our rules," says Phil Woolas, Minister of Immigration.

The original "E-border" comes from 2005, when Tony Blair was unable to tell how many asylum seekers deported in Great Britain were. At present, only limited information on selected routes and passengers in a test database maintained. In future all data automatically to the new database-driven.