Exopolitics World Network on Facebook
Thursday, March 26, 2009

At the initiative of the Paradigm Research Group is the 'Exopolitics World Network "was launched on Facebook in order to support all the disclosure of extraterrestrial contact on the height to keep and also put in contact with each other can bring.

For more information see: EWN Facebook
Translated version of http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=55377642401

This group will be a communications portal between the exopolitical leading activists in the world and all who join. If this group can grow to great size, 100000 +, then the disclosure movement will at last have the networking list it has needed to service the advocacy work.

This activism has as its primary objective the ending of a 62-year truth embargo imposed by the United States government with the cooperation of other first-world nations. The truth in question? The engagement of the human race by non-human beings (extra terre trials) since at least the 1940's.

[Full disclosure] If you join this group, you are going to receive a great deal of information related to exopolitical developments worldwide.

The EWN is a project of Paradigm Research Group.

Source: EWN FaceBook