Will Obama confirm that there are aliens?
Monday, May 25, 2009
Group of experts on CNN requires disclosure aliens before May 31

In some articles, the last month has raised the expectation of the former American astronaut Edgar Mitchell (some times by mistake 'George', for which I apologize - X.) that the U.S. before the end of this month and the presence of extraterrestrial beings (/ aliens) to the public will reveal. Meanwhile I have the press conference where this disclosure is required, broadcast on CNN in April found on YouTube. This shows that if the U.S. government refuses to follow this requirement, the disclosure may be by another country (possibly France) will be done.

Although some commentators skep substantially over the authenticity of the displayed conference, are by far the most to agree that this is not fake. The images of the conference point out clearly that the requirement is indeed deadly serious, though of course not exclude that at the end of this month a new press conference will be convened, which announced that the disclosure "due to circumstances' postponed for example, will be next year.
On April 20 were a number of acquaintances and experts present at the National Press Club in Washington, including representatives of 'Exopolitics' (exo =- alien) from Denmark and Germany. The former NASA astronaut and co-record holder of the longest ever moon walk, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, repeated here often discussed to invite the U.S. government to fully open issues about the existence of aliens. " Mitchell claims that he has for some years, under his former position at the U.S. Space Agency NASA, for decades at the height of the existence of extraterrestrial beings and their activities hidden on Earth.
Hij was beslist niet de enige geloofwaardige aanwezige 'getuige':
- The former fighter pilot Milton Torres recoveries how he in the'50s in England was commissioned to shoot down a UFO that was as big as an aircraft carrier.
- Nick Pope, a former member of the British Ministry of Defense confirmed Torres' story.
- The American historian Richard Dolan presented the second part of his new book: UFO's and the National Security State.
- Dr. Roger Leire showed new evidence of physical contact between humans and extraterrestrial beings. He was assisted by metal expert Alex Moser, senior member of the technical staff of YTC America Inc. ..
- The former CNN news presenter Cherryl Jones openly supported the objective of openness in government affairs to indicate the presence of aliens.
- The press conference was led by Stephen Bassett, Head of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG = Paradigm Research Group) and main organizer of the annual X-Conference 'on UFOs and aliens. Bassett has a few years for public recognition of the government, that humanity decades contact with extraterrestrial beings.
Bassett during the press conference: "I believe, as I have more in many radio and TV programs have said that based on information I have received, the Government since Obama who is so appointed, and for other indications, took the decision to establish the existence of extraterrestrial beings to confirm. But that is an estimate, as they say now anything about. "
'Nevertheless, the possibility that this happens, great. We encourage the government itself that there has to be refuted as open and transparent as possible, are now to the ultimate openness and transparency, and immediately. Otherwise, the government embargo on the truth embargo on the government itself, and this will explain why this is not done precisely for humanity as a critical period. "
"If the government does not reveal before the end of May, this is not a threat, (Obama) in the first 100 days to received a huge amount of very large problems, so he gets another 30 days, we ( PRG) all the evidence we have and there are very many, we have extensive documentation and evidence, particularly with the political connections such as the Rockefeller Initiative and the Clinton administration, as fully as possible to the media show. We are the government as difficult as possible as it can. That is not what we want, but sometimes it is necessary. "
"If they eventually choose to not reveal the end of May to do, and decide to wait until June, maybe July, or when it suits them, there is a very real possibility, I think even 50% chance that another country on their own the existence of extraterrestrial beings will reveal. And then the head of the Washington Post and New York Times read: "The French President Sarkozy will today announce the French, that an alien presence, and evidence from the French military records public."

It starts to seem increasingly that the existence of UFO's / Aliens indeed a very large role in the final stage ( 'end'), where humanity is in seems to be located. A leading spraakherkennigsexpert concluded on the basis of scientific evidence that Obama's reign will be characterized by "extraterrestrial phenomena. A Christian group decided recently to the American public the truth about aliens to tell, that does not come from other planets, but from a spiritual dimension, and in the Bible demons (or fallen angels / evil spirits) are mentioned.
On October 16, 2008 we put the follow article on "secret UN meeting: UFO's are public in 2017, where journalists are under investigation secret, highly placed sources within the U.S. military among others, discovered that across major UN countries disagreement was regarding the time when the existence of extraterrestrial beings to humanity to be reveal it, and either it to happen, as this fact more than 60 years for the public is kept hidden, and there may be major panic occurs if this becomes known.

From New Age circles have been alluding to the arrival of UFO's. The organization of occultist Benjamin Creme, Share International, working for 30 years to the revelation of "Maitreya", the self-appointed messiah of all faith and of the whole humanity. This month, gave an explanation of why Creme Maitreya's announced public appearance as long forthcoming. Also he said that Maitreya's' star 'not a real star, but consists of four huge UFO's, with our "Space Brothers", which will help humanity to the world the era of light (/ Lucifer) to enter.

The TV announcement on the History Channel, there are a 'world-changing event will take place that "everything will change," was widely associated with the possible disclosure of extraterrestrial beings to humanity. Later it was found that this is the discovery of the 'missing link' is where evolutionist been looking for. This would be in their eyes' finally 'the truth of the theory of evolution confirm.
In addition, David Flynn suggested in his acclaimed book "Temple at the Center of Time ', that UFO's and aliens in 2012 likely will become part of a global deception that the Bible" the great deception' is mentioned. The appearance of extraterrestrial beings, according to him for most of humanity and according to the Bible for many Christians-so convincing that they are willing to join a new world order that humanity finally peace and unity will , for which has long sought in vain to be. And so will the world according to Tom Horn (The Rise of Apollyon 1 / 2 / 3) between now and 2012 largely unsuspecting, docile and even with great enthusiasm, the "kingdom of the Antichrist 'enter.

Source: xander news