Extinct animals and a Real Neanderthal emerge from 'Little Ghost Forest' in the Netherlands

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This is crazy, if true!!! Why no photograph of the face?

Little Ghost Forest. The Netherlands. NOW

This is a most curious story and one that cannot be hidden ... it is OUT. I really urge people to follow this up.

Something really incredible is happening in a forest in the Netherlands - and authorities, scientists and the military cannot contain what is happening. Extinct animals are pouring out of the Little Ghost forest and those which have been caught and examined have no internal organs.

And it gets even more interesting because another entity has emerged as well, which James Horak believes is a Neanderthal, photographed below:

Authorities have locked down the entire forest but luckily an intrepid, independent investigative team was fortuitously close by to cover this event from the beginning - at great risk too. Mainstream media has since stopped reporting on it altogether but the information is already out. It is a story that was first picked up by the late Kevin Smith, just before he died a couple of weeks ago.

In this interview on Blog Talk Radio, Lasha Seniuk speaks with investigator Captain Robert McDonald (who resides near the forest) and also James Horak.

What is happening here? Speculations from portals opening to a Cern blunder to the return of the Nazi Bell are all discussed. Good show folks.

It is all happening!

Interview can be heard here:
EMVs - DESIGNERS OF SOLAR SYSTEMS: Lasha Seniuk with Rob McDonald & James Horak - Sept.09-2013



This image was posted at the request of the listeners because in the interview James had given his opinion about it after Robert McDonald showed it to James earlier on his Facebook page as a curious find. I do not know who produced that snippet because it only shows part of what in reality is a very odd sculpture by the artist Patricia Piccinini and I assume this image snippet was already going around the web when Robert presented it. Be that as it may, this image is showing remarkable features in the realization of details, like the feet shown here, that are indeed showing the artists conception of how feet of an early hominid, developed from apes, could have looked like.

James assumed this to be an image of probably an Neanderthal's legs and feet and a bottom with a tiny tail. This was James best guess for what it could be, assuming that might be a leaked secret image of a living being that like the extinct animals presented by Rob, may have materialized somewhere else in a similar fashion.

James has never stated that that is what it is, no, this was just a guess and wasn't claimed as anything else.