by Lee Harris
February 6, 2012

The theme of Trust will run through the month of February. As you build not only greater but new trust in yourself, the world and life itself, the past will rear it's head from time to time so that you can move forward once more. Many of you will revisit past places and relationships where the expansion of trust was challenged for you, rather than nurtured.

This may happen in reality, and you will find yourself making contact with (or being contacted by) people from your past. But for the most part, it will take place in dreams and daydreams, as you filter things through your minds, hearts and energy bodies. This filtering process allows you to identify then heal the bruises some more, so you can move forward with less weight.

This resolution of past experiences began mid January and is continuing through February. Moving through deeper layers of past wounding (times/relationships where you experienced deep fear or suffering in yourself) will re-appear in your body and mind in fast and unexpected ways. Money and health (survival) and relationships with others will also be the focus of fears and resolutions in February.

As and when this resolution energy moves in on you, recognise the tendency of the mind to become over-active when we are ignoring or fighting the size of our emotions. Choose to focus solely on the feelings as they arise, and let them come through you, while simply observing any old or confused thoughts which arise, without believing or walking toward them.

If you become aware you feel unsettled or unhappy, sit in a chair or on the floor, place a hand on your stomach and one on your heart, and simply breathe through the emotions until they clear and release. Tell yourself that all is well, and trust that your body and your heart can deal with the size of what you are feeling, and that you can guide this process for yourself.

Suppression is lifting in our world on every level. It is part of the rise in power that 2012 will bring to each of us, individually and collectively. This raises the roof on what can be experienced and released. Many of you will feel compelled to say what you have previously suppressed to others, and let go of body addictions or patterns that allow you to suppress or numb yourselves from feeling and seeing clearly.

Often people believe that leaving suppression is merely wonderful, but in my experience of us as humans, this is a journey that like birthing a child, has some labour pains before the new arrival emerges. So be supportive and kind to yourselves if you are letting go of some crutches this month.

Those of you who have put yourselves second to others for a long time will feel a compulsion to shake yourself into 'life' very extremely. And often for you, your lower emotional states usually appear as grief or sadness, so you can instead expect anger and frustration to rise in you at times. This is because you are allowing through all of your suppressed fire (creativity, expression, life-force). This is fire that you suppressed while you were in service to (or seeking) the fire of others rather than bringing your own fire to the party.

And conversely the opposite lower emotional experiences will be true. Those who generally consider themselves to be 'warriors' or strong and fiery, will get in touch with deep vulnerabilities and sadness this month as sensitivity fluctuations on the planet flush through our systems.

This balancing is important for centering, and by the last week of February an opportunity to centre more after undertaking this 'fire journey' will be apparent. So just allow what you feel, and if you feel nervous of expressing your fire around others, take time alone.

Recognise when we are irritable with others it is the release of anger in tiny pockets. So if you are angry, get yourself to a place where you can just be with your own feelings, as for many of you sensitives, the feelings of others will be claustrophobic at times this month. You will need personal space for your own releases.

Some of you will also feel triggered around world and personal safety. For the longest time, even if you didn't agree with or support the 'system' of our society, that system has been wrapped around us and we have been held within it. Now, as we move ahead into the coming decade, revolution of that system is well underway, including 'money safety'. This removes the previous 'walls' we were held within and is unleashing a collective fear and anxiety around that system. Even if you don't align with the fear based beliefs of some, the emotions those people are releasing can be felt energetically as waves.

For those of you who remember first moving away from the family home, this phase (and 2012 as a whole) is a similar 'growing up and leaving home' process. It is occurring energetically in our collective and can be tangibly felt. There is the excitement of open possibility and new beginnings alongside the fear of the unknown, and the removal of the old boundaries and rules of living.

Keep breathing through it all, take your time, and do not rush at anything you are uncertain of in any way. There will be some great opportunities coming your way this month, as a result of the space created by all the resolution and energetic clear out. In many cases, these opportunities will be there to show you heights are available to you, but remember the first option presented is not always the best for you.

So there is a need to honour patience above all else. If what is offered is true for you, then remember it will still be available some weeks down the line if you don't feel 100% sure you can bring your energy to it in the now.

So as usual, honour your own personal balance and needs above all else. This is a time where "Your" needs are now of the utmost importance, so you can regain your authentic power, as you will be needing it in the coming years to be of the greatest service to you and others.

Finally, remember the power of intentions. Words magically change the energy of a person and a space. So for example, if your wish is to create more loving, supportive relationships in your life, then write out a simple sentence such as “ I invite more loving and supportive people and relationships into my life.” Choose whichever words feel right to you, and then place the intention on a wall or some other visible place in your home. This will create a powerful shift for you in these 2012 energies of faster manifestation. The words will have a vibrational effect on your whole environment if you make them visible, and whenever you see and "walk through" the reconfigured environment of these words, they will have an effect of re-aligning and directing you.

Try it and see. You deserve nothing less.

And for those of you who work with the chakras consciously, the most active chakra of this month will be the "Solar Plexus," located an inch or two above the navel. So as a daily practice, placing your palm over this area, or a crystal of your choice will help balance this center and ultimately all of your own energetic movements in February.

Much love to all

(c)copyright 2012 - all rights reserved by Lee Harris Energy *