Free yourself from the energy Reptiles!
Monday, February 23, 2009

The title of this article sounds quite intense, and perhaps that too. This article is for your benefit to do so, and not in your anxiety to shoot. But it is information that should come out now, where we need to do something.

Most of you have ever heard of reptiles on earth. And I mean not crocodiles, snakes and so on, but reptiles and thinking outside of that race on earth have come. It is probably very safe and nice to think that all thinking beings and people just seem to us, but the truth is far from it. The creation is so diverse and varied, and an explosion of wealth in forms and concepts. We are an example of, and even on earth you can have many variations on the human subjects to see. Moreover, the form that we have two legs and two arms, one head with two ears, two eyes, nose and mouth is a common theme in our galaxy. Even on earth you see the same theme back to most of our species, fish and birds. The creation is fantastic! But now with my story.

Once long ago, there are breeds reptiles come to earth. These breeds reptiles had major problems on our earth to stay alive and finally that it resulted in them in our astral world ended, and there on the earth to incarnate. This means that reptiles are between us in life and like us in the human body evolve. However, there is a big difference, reptiles entities that have a kind of group mind. Compare that with ants. They live an independent life, but are always connected with the fate of the group. They move so much slower than us, a group is usually not the fastest way. Another thing is that, from the beginning of the plan have been world domination, and since they are always doing our manipulation. Want to know more look at the site of David Icke David Icke Website - Home and others who are intensively involved. You can find information about the Illuminati, Roth Shields and much more. No charge light, and no gay story. That domination began at the time of Atlantis, and has even led the downfall of Atlantis. That rule still exists, though less visible, it is stronger than ever. Secret societies like the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, etc., only the front of the actual power, which is deeply hidden.

Deep hidden, and just outside our vision, in the astral layer. We are third dimension (density) in a race (yet) third dimension planet, but reptiles were fourth or fifth dimension race, and partly to stay in the astral worlds. That's their real power center. In terms of development, they are third dimension as our planet earth. As we know that reptiles that our earth in 2012 to the fourth dimension is less developed and that all entities can no longer survival that fourth dimension soil. This means that the role of reptiles touched off, and that they should go find another planet to continue to develop, like all other people and other entities that have not come to the fourth dimension.

We think that reptiles are not fun, and have been doing for centuries and centuries to try to stop. One of the things they are doing is trying to develop people as much as possible to stop. The idea is that if people remain in a lower vibration that the earth who jumped to the fourth dimension can not make. We humans are part of the earth and our vibration is low, the vibration of the earth also low. That development of the people to stop doing it in two ways, from the astral world and, what is better known through their organizations as the Illuminati oppress the people on earth.

The first point, oppression from the astral world is less known and less visible. If people go to die then our soul to the astral world, where we linger for a while, our lessons repeat, a new life out with a new contract and return us back to earth. Incarnate again in a new body. For example, we learned, and in principle is true. However, a few small differences, it is about who the upper hand and that there are reptiles. This means that there are collected, be deceived, wrong lessons get a new life negatively selected, and returned with one in most cases unnecessarily heavy karma. And there you are back to earth as light man out in a totally wrong family that none of you understand as a child and you all go down if you take away your energy. How beautiful you are the light man this is worse, the worse you do on earth. And of course you on earth never be a dominant, only the reptiles themselves in their own wealthy and influential families arrive. Naturally, we view people that power-hungry, but we are on our own strength attacked. What many people light their light lost are sleepy, and maybe even the wrong way are gone. Think of the parable of the sower. Many seeds are uitgestrooid, but few will be the right place. One part is on the rocks, some blowing away with the wind, one part is eaten by birds, etc. and only a small proportion will rise and flourish.

Nevertheless there are sufficient seeds emerged and in August 2005 the critical mass achieved, the evolution of the earth to the fourth dimension is secured. Good news. In the time we left, we will try as much light as possible to find people and wake up. Tear loose from their environment, they remember their mission and return to work. All that lost time in the astral layer, we can not do more. Like all the misery in which earthly families where we do not belong. It makes us grow as you come through you're stronger than ever, we say.

In addition, reptiles do something for our vibrations low. At birth, or rather at the time you incarnates, which is usually earlier and even during the conception at all possible, do they have something with us to our vibrations low. If you descend from your family of light you have pursued. At the time of incarnation you are very open, and then use them to save. They come with a group you and inject you with reptiles energy, black mass that you slip vibration low. This mass is usually next to your spinal cord in your neck or your lower back, your spinal cord and can reach the entire body and disrupt. The black mass acts as a kind of brake on everything you do and keep your low vibration. The stronger light man you are, the more you get injected. It is not difficult for you to imagine what all you do. Through which energy can always follow the reptiles, and even influence. They can act on your votes and your way as a kind of puppet. Not so fine. Actually, this is an energetic version of the chip where everyone is afraid of. Very clever of those Illuminati, they are all afraid of that chip, and water control them all already, through its energetic body. The sign of the beast is so long, and affects us since time immemorial!

However the good news is that you can get away. You can do it through your mind disappear, and you reduce that energy. And it is now time for it. You can now let go. Put it into the light, the fire from your body. If you do not have to, seek help and do it together. Help each other. Do it together. Liberated together. If we release and we will determine our own lives. If we are in our full strength! And the Earth still lighter!

Light Greetings, Spiritual heal.

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