Finding True Happiness Comes From Within Oneself - Lady of Light

Lady of Light

"You will never find true happiness when you commit yourself to following the beliefs of others. True Happiness can only be found within." - Lady of Light


The above statement speaks to education, science, (especially) religion, etc. It speaks about anything that we "learn", any information that we gather that we keep as beliefs. We as humans tend to always seek happiness in one form or another, but we never really try to gain our own happiness. Instead, we look to what others have already done or discovered and take on those methods and ways as if they are the only way to happiness. The truth lies within each of us, and within that ultimate truth (which is different for us all) lies our happiness. While it's alright to look at what others have done, we each need to seek our own path to our happiness within ourselves and to bring that forth. Too many times, we fail at whatever it is we follow and we end up pushing ourselves further and further down the wrong path trying to fix what went wrong. It's time we stop that thinking and start believing in ourselves for more than we ever have before. If you seek happiness, and peacefulness, stop following someone else blindly thinking it is the only way to be happy, because you will never be happy that way. Maybe on the surface you will have your happy moments, but it won't be everlasting unless you find it within yourself.