[Channeled] Road To Enlightenment: Dropping The Ego And Finding Your True Self --- Lady of Light - March 21st 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
March 21[SUP]st[/SUP], 2012

Finding The True Self

The true self is not a difficult thing to find. One must only listen to find the true self. To stop "fighting" what you feel is you, and allowing it in to what is taught is you. To be what is taught instead of what is "inside", will only be a detriment. We need to stop and listen to ourselves, our souls, our minds, and become WHO we are once more.

You must find what is holding you back. Once you release that energy, your true self can emerge and you will be more at peace. Let go of everything, and reflect. What you have left, may very well be yourself.

Vanity must be dropped. Vanity is not part of a true self.

The true self is only hidden "within" because of the pile of "exterior" influences placed upon us from society. The true self is one with all, but with a separate consciousness within the body. Once one passes the consciousness from within the body, the true self becomes truly the ONE and there is only peace. While residing in the body, the closest to true self is the "inner" knowledge of the "soul" and the mind.

The "true" self can only be found by dropping ego. Ego is a thing that has us tied to this realm. It sounds silly to drop the self, to find the self, but really, it is the only way. The "self" or "ego" is our alter identity which is in control. The "true self" is not considered to be ego because it is only seen as "self" before you reach that point; once that point is reached, all ego, including what we see now as true self, is lost.
Re: Road To Enlightenment: Dropping The Ego And Finding Your True Self

This was a bit of mastery that I had to perform myself. I no longer try to change someone's view on the world. I no longer try to change views on reality. I say what comes through to me, and that is all. I convey messages as they are told to me. Every message has its time. Those who choose to read what I post, and those that don't, are entitled, either way. It has been said, you are the only one who can change you, no one else can EVER change you. Therefore, I no longer push. Before I allowed my “true self” to come forward, I was in the position of trying to force the truth. I have since realized, truth is a matter of perspective. There is no real truth. However, love prevails over all, and I use that in all that I do. Those that act in a manner that makes you 'hate' them, require the most love, because after all, they must not have enough, otherwise they wouldn't be as negative as they are. It's difficult at first, but once you see it, it makes sense and becomes easy. I have released my inner light being and allowed that part of me to come forward and take over. I have never felt better. I don't see the same world everyone else sees. I don't feel the same world everyone else feels. I don't keep myself locked to only one frequency, even though I reside in the higher frequency range most of the time.
Great post as always Lady of light, thank you very much for sharing it with us! I look forward to your next channeling.