first chakra

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First chakra: The first chakra, the root chakra, is located at the bottom of the spine, when stuitje. The color of this chakra is red and it is for their own wants, security and power hungry.

The first chakra acts as the foundation of our levenservaring.Wanneer we do not believe in our own goodness, we impede the flow and anger, of hurt, pain, fear and more of such emotions experienced. The negative attitudes associated with this chakra have to do with despair and victimization. The positive attitudes reveal a spiritual belief in the goodness of life. They trust and a sense of coming home to. We can open up the beauty in nature and feelings of calm and peace (unity) with the world.

The first chakra is your physical identity

Basic Chakra gem: red jasper, valkoog / tiger eye

Color: red

Mantra: LAM

Petals: 4

Element: Earth

Location: perineal

Function: survival, basic education

The base chakra is associated with life and survival. If the energy in this chakra flowing feel passion, vitality, alertness and sexual desire. If it is blocked you feel guilt about sex, emotional dependence and send impunity.

Major life areas:
Aarden, nutrition, confidence, health, home, family, finances, appropriate borders.

Gets out of his balance in the accumulation or subject of:
Abandonment, physical neglect, problems with feeding, serious illness, physical violence.

Physical disorders:
Disorders of the intestines, colon, bones, teeth, legs, feet, knees, lower back, eating disorders, poor general health.

Characteristics of an underdeveloped first chakra:
Decoupling of the body, anxious, restless, lack focus and discipline, financial problems, poor boundaries, disorder.

Characteristics of a developed first chakra:
Too much food, the material is fixed, slow, lazy, feeling tired, addicted to security.

Source: the fifth dimension