Forced vaccinations already applied to U.S. schools?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


America: No vaccinations = No insurance = no medical care (but a large fine) - Massachusetts State makes all citizens be forced vaccinations - H1N1 vaccine package insert: "This vaccine is not safe for pregnant women and people under 18" / Miscarriages after vaccination .
An ordinary American online news in a local newspaper (The Intelligencer) of the City Wheeling, West Virginia seems to indicate that the forced vaccination of schoolchildren in the U.S. actually began. "Agents love boy fled to adopt flu" reads the headline of an article of November 11. With the subject heading: 'Apprentice refused, was held for vaccination. "

"It was the strength of two officers at a junior high student need for quiet enough to keep him so the vaccine against the (Mexican) swine flu or H1N1, could be administered," the article begins. The boy hit the newspaper in panic when he saw the nurse with the syringe, and fled the school. Two officers got him quickly to address the struggling boy and brought back to the school clinic, where he was forced injected with the Mexican flu vaccine.
Howard Gamble, a member of the Regional Health Council, noted that the boy returned to normal after the vaccination behavior. It would he have been the only incident during the otherwise quiet vaccination campaign conducted in schools in the region where all students would have already received the vaccine. "In general they are very accommodating," said Gamble. "As for the vaccinations must occasionally one or two are being held. But why is mom or dad there. "
The mother of the boy fled but was broken the school office because she was scary to see her son to be vaccinated. At another middle school (usually for children aged 11 to 14 years) were a number of parents have their own children to force themselves to be vaccinated.

The above message might sound, some very normal to me. Did their parents not the right (secondary) school age children to be vaccinated? In the light of previous reports about the vaccination campaign on this story may however be necessary comments posted:
- The message implies that all pupils of the schools in the region are vaccinated. How is this achieved? Is such practice as the vaccination "voluntarily" be?
- The school clinics were agents (here's deputy, deputies) posted correctly, according to the Health Official 'instructions for parking "it. Also there from the beginning that the police were closely involved in setting up the special-school vaccination clinics. Should there really be used for deputy's just people to park their cars properly? Many readers of the newspaper ask exactly the same off-line.

- A nurse commented that gives even the forced detention of the hand of a student-even by medical personnel in conflict with the law and accused of 'rape' may result. "But this is clearly not for the vaccination campaign? This is an extremely worrying incident! " she writes. Under U.S. law already allows parents 'child abuse' arrests as they force their child to enter a shoe store.

I can hardly imagine that in the light of the prevailing strong in the U.S. controversy over the Mexican flu vaccine, all residents of a municipality that school children, those without protest and without resistance to vaccination. The under strong state-controlled mainstream media because you never know, the message may partly propaganda (the turnout was not 100% certain, but suggests to the outside world to do) and also partially false (the turnout was indeed 100% but that was not voluntary).
The incident would be pulled out of context, were it not for the U.S. House of Representatives last week agreed with Obama's Healthcare plan heavily disputed. Now only the Senate still agree and then the president put his signature under it.
No vaccinations No insurance = no medical care =
Obama's Health Plan includes a compulsory health insurance for everyone. An examination of the Insurance Research Council shows that most Americans have no intention of this compulsory insurance obligation to accept. This can be an expensive joke, because anyone who refuses State Insurance, a fine of $ 1000 dollars imposed (and that is insane enough for people who can not afford such insurance). The Accounting Office of Congress has estimated that the fines the next ten years the Treasury several billion dollars will cause.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) under Obama's plan will not even anyone any government imposed by the vaccinations received any medical care and will be remembered as one can conclude, therefore, no health insurance. Similarly, doctors and hospitals that do not conform to the new care system sanctions and fines can expect.
In short, if the Senate as the House of Representatives adopts Obama's Health Care plan, every American will that do for medical care or need, be required to handle all imported vaccines to inject - including the Mexican flu vaccine .

Massachusetts: here virtual state of martial law introduced
The state of Massachusetts has introduced a law (the "Pandemic Response Bill; nr.2028) making it possible to substantially all the constitutional rights of citizens rendered ineffective and everyone who is" suspicious "with a virus to infected, forced to question, to disinfect and vaccinate them. Any person who refuses to undergo quarantine, vaccination, disinfection, or any other medical command refuses to follow, may each day $ refused fined $ 1000.
Authorities also have the search and arrest warrants no longer needed, the government prices of goods and services go down and forced to transport citizens may be put without trial and put down again on penalty of $ 1000 U.S. dollars fine per day or boarding resistance.

This law actually does introducing martial law, the state-of-siege, without the immediate streets swarm of police officers and soldiers. It is not necessary if everyone slavishly any compulsory measures by the Authorities willingly (or should we write: brainless?) Follow.
H1N1 vaccine package insert: "This vaccine is not safe '/ Miscarriages after vaccination
The following YouTube video (thanks for the tip, Olaf!) Shows how during the Fox-TV program The Great American Panel leaflet of the Mexican flu vaccine shall read: "The safety of this vaccine for pregnant women and people under 18 years not found ". The indignant woman who reads it wonders why doctors and health officials to the citizens still insist that the vaccine "completely safe" is.

Various responses to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which was read that some pregnant women reluctant to take the Mexican flu vaccine, showed that the country has several pregnant women after injection with the vaccine had a miscarriage.




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