1. Truth Vibrations

    Andy Lloyd Links Göbekli Tepe in Turkey to Nibiru

    This is very interesting: Source: Dark Star News by Andy Lloyd
  2. New UFO Hunter

    The Moon -- Is this normal, or is something 'pulling' it? What's going on?

    Could he have just flipped his camera?
  3. 100th Monkey

    CSIRO scientists: new software to prove that Nibiru doesn't exist

    Yeah but I have lost trust in any MSM science, it's difficult to believe anything they say. Source:
  4. 100th Monkey

    Ancient Egyptians: NIBIRU is NEBHERU, the planet Venus!

    Text by Antoine Gigal, Egyptologist, 2012: HATHOR and NEBHERU According to the ancient Egyptians: Venus i.e. Hathor or the “House of Hor, the House of Horus, the golden Horus” In ancient Egyptian "Neb Heru" /NEBHERU/ House of Horus/Venus was known to have had different places in the solar...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Ufo's Nibiru Moon 20 April 2013

    This is worth checking out.
  6. P

    The New Girl

    Hello, I am new here. I stumbled across this forum and thought it was pretty cool. I love conspiracy theories and debunking rumours of world catastrophes such as doomsday theories. I don't believe in doomsday prophecies, I feel like they are the smoke covering the screen, or the government...
  7. 100th Monkey

    Giant UFO or Planet formed by our Sun?

  8. Truth Vibrations

    New theories on Niburu / Planet X

    A brand new video shows some interesting new research into Planet X / Niburu. Uploader comments:
  9. M

    A fresh Start

    Thank you, Lady of Light, for welcoming me to this blog. I'm here mainly to read and find out what others are thinking and saying. Although I have read widely, and variously, I am none the wiser, and as far as I can ascertain this applies to many others as well [I must admit that the winking...
  10. 2

    [Must Read!] 7,000 Earthquakes in 30 days, Shades of the movie???

    Over 7000 Earthquakes In Past 30 Days And 66 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now | 2012 While I don't think we're going to have a 2012 ,like the movie, at least I hope not. Still one has to wonder about the volcanoes and earthqukes going on, and the...
  11. 2

    [Must Read!] Well, well, well, MSM Report Planet X

    MSM Report: Planet X - We Are In End Times | Unexplained Phenomena Somebodies admiting something, wait, alert the media, er, they are the media. Wonder what's up they're sleeve for admitting this? What do you think?
  12. 2

    [Video] Absolute Proof Of Nibiru, Planet X? Comets Do Not Lie, what do you think?

    Absolute Proof Of Nibiru, Planet X? Comets Do Not Lie | Space As I stated earlier in a different post, the author of the video clip said something that sounds true at the end of the youtube video. We should rely more eachother then government, whethor or not we really are facing Niburu. Some...
  13. 2

    [Must Read!] A False Flag, Project Blue Beam, Depopulation or the Real thing?

    Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! | Conspiracy Theories I first heard of Planet X/Nibiru in an interview of Nancy Lieder on Coast to Coastam awhile back when nothing happened at the time she said it would, I more or less put it back on...
  14. woodfoe

    Don't Believe There's A Cover-up Of Planet X?.....Check This Out!!

    It Is Official : WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru A Rogue Planet Outside Of Neptune And Uranus!! | Space All these videos have been deleted, and the person's email and Youtube account were closed. So much for free speech.
  15. woodfoe

    Actual Ancient Accounts Of The Destroyer

    This video has a slow start, but around 40 minutes in it starts to talk about eyewitness accounts in ancient texts of the coming of the Destroyer or the approximately 3,600 year event of a celestial body coming into our solar system and rounding the sun as it returns back on it's elliptical...
  16. woodfoe

    Russians Aren't Afraid To Talk About Nibiru

  17. Lady of Light

    [Channeled] The Subjective Illusion of Reality - Lady of Light - September 12, 2012

    Lady of Light September 12 2012 It has been said time and time again by many people including myself; “Don’t’ believe anything you hear from anyone else but from yourself”. All of my channeled information comes to me through “meditative trance”. As the information streams...
  18. 2

    [Video] Nibiru or UFO

    Nibiru or UFO or Hoax Saw this posted and I'm like the guy on the video what is it? It doesn't appear to be moving could be Nibiru, if it is it explains the chemtrails being sprayed all the time to prevent us from seeing it. If so, somebody screwed up, this time and let it be seen. Could be...
  19. woodfoe

    [Shocking Truth:] Calculations for Nibiru

    There’s been a lot of information and disinformation about the the celestial body know as Nibiru, the destroyer, wormwood, planetX, or a number of other names that it goes by. Of course ancient carvings on rock walls and the like only goes to add more evidence that this celestial body did visit...
  20. woodfoe

    [Must See!] Further Proof Of Nibiru Nearby

    Below is an article of a frozen mammoth found in Siberia with grass still in it’s mouth. This simple fact has baffled scientist along with the fact of what in the heck is a woolly mammoth doing in Siberia in the first place. Mammoths are elephant like creatures that need plenty of vegetation and...