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Something brewing?

The Galactic Federation

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with more to say on a number of topics. Around your globe the final great struggle between the dark cabal and our Earth allies is finishing off. The many secret members of this dark group are busy sabotaging the deliveries and the changes in government with only partial success. Consequently, the degree of change that is close to happening is looking to be increasingly severe. The dark seems to be on a scorched-earth policy that is dooming more of them to a most unkind fate. We watch this skullduggery and observe how our Earth allies have become more adept at countering these heinous and unforeseen blows. With each day, the ability of these dark ones to work against the Light decreases enormously, and thus the moment of promised change approaches fast. Those within the various councils of the dark seem wearier and more worried about their looming defeat, and this shift in attitude has brought out a certain careless abandon toward what they are doing and it is clear that their rout is inevitable!

As this plays out, Mother Earth pushes forward with the changes that are to come before you are evacuated from your surface world. She is adjusting more of her surface plates in order to lock them into position. These collisions have caused an increase in seismic activity and ocean volcanism in the plate zones located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and this increase is set to augment still further as these operations intensify during the coming year. Likewise, the odd weather associated with 'global warming' is to grow more drastic. In this way, Mother Earth is signaling to humanity that the changes to humankind require a swift and all-encompassing resolution, and we have duly acknowledged this message of hers. As we noted in previous updates, we have set up a number of alternate scenarios to carry out this much-needed return to full consciousness. You are under a prime decree by Lord Surea to be returned to your natural state of full consciousness. A number of special crystal cities are ready in Inner Earth to house you during this time and the procedures for your transfer there are well tested and ready.

What is left is to use the remaining time to aid all of you in achieving the change in governments; to carry out the prosperity and other programs designed to alleviate your present suffering; and to inform you of our presence. Then you can begin to solve the current crises of pollution, want, wars, and accumulated hatreds that have so long plagued you. These things our Earth allies intend to do. A new world filled with amazing technologies long hidden away within the multitude of dark projects undertaken since the end of World War II is the goal behind the agenda of our Earth allies. We have watched the serious interference put up by the dark, yet even these dark ones now realize the hopelessness of their cause. This world of yours is to move in only one direction, which is toward the Light and into the joy of a fully conscious reality. This process is taking a bigger chunk of the divine timeline you are on as the dark uses its acquired technologies to delay our arrival. This process can only go so far before we intervene fully. Bear in mind that our direct intervention alters everything for the dark.

One of the things we have to emphasize is that we fully realize just how we can affect what is happening right now. Your world is moving toward a transition that spans the interval between where you are now and where Heaven desires you to be. Our role is to come early only if necessary. Those who currently run your world remain as arrogant as ever. This stance is only to be expected of a group that has known nothing but special privilege since the dawn of this present age. To push them aside is to make them realize just how fragile their situation now is, which is why they fight with all the resources at their command. What frightens them is to see how quickly their privileges are being dissolved, and we watch as their stranglehold on power slips rapidly away under the attrition of our Earth allies. It is our intention to have this completed imminently and for you to enjoy the sovereignty and freedom guaranteed you by Heaven.

Your struggle to regain your true place in your reality has been arduous and long. Thirteen millennia of strife and deceitful rule by the Anunnaki have robbed you of any remaining memories of who you really are and of your true extraterrestrial origins. This is to be remedied once we land. Our mission then is to prepare you swiftly to accept the great changes that are to happen to you and your world. Right now, the great machine that powers your world is failing. Likewise, a comprehensive 'extinction' is beginning to alter the very nature of the ecosystem that surrounds you. This is yet another portent of the huge changes that are coming. To use a timely analogy: Your realm is now going through a winter that is severely testing your reality's viability to survive and powerfully demonstrating that a series of sweeping transformations are truly the order of the day. The time for great change is upon you!

These changes are to come suddenly. The dark matrix is like a great dam crumbling under the weight of a storm surge that is undermining its foundation and breaching its walls. The sluice gates cannot alleviate what is happening. The rapidly rising waters of the unrelenting storm surge are weakening the entire structure and there seems to be no way out. Yet, until the fatal cracks appear in great numbers, the engineers of this edifice (the dark) cannot give up the hope that they can somehow muddle through. Even as the terminal cracks appear, as they are now doing, they cling to their deranged hope. It is to take the fateful boom of the dam finally giving way to demonstrate the truth of their situation. This is the point at which you now stand. Our Earth allies have done remarkable work and are near the point of all-out victory!

The present period can cause a degree of frustration to all of you. It is not easy to be on edge for so long. The destruction created by the greed of the dark devastated many of you, while others among you watched as continued war and hatred created chaos and prevented the resolution of these difficulties by the world community. The operation to transform your world, as we have mentioned before, is to result in escalating turmoil, as if some unforeseen, immense whirlwind had been dropped on you. This situation is encouraged by the dark. On previous occasions, such dire conditions helped to discourage all who tried to topple the dark, but now a new group has arisen that is unable to be thus dissuaded and is determined to succeed. Thus the scene is set to topple the mighty dam of dark power and forge a new, positive reality for all!

First contact heralds a new time for all. We have come here to end the UFO cover-up and start the final stage of your journey to full consciousness. This part of our mission is now where we are at. We review our options daily and prioritize the best way to aid our Earth allies. But this is merely a small aspect of our work here. We also have strong links to Inner Earth and our allies, the Agarthans. These fully conscious Terrans have helped us greatly to know you and to prepare our schedule for the post-landing meetings with you. Much needs to be discussed and our mutual and equal exchanges are most important to us. We are here to reunite you with Inner Earth and to impart to you our experiences in the realms of the fully conscious. We are more than ready to get these final stages underway!

Today, we continued our exploration into what is going on in your world. We come as a grand expedition of explorers. We have stayed, as a special group at Heaven's request, to move you gracefully into full consciousness. The time comes for action, and the moment approaches for first contact and a new, fully conscious reality! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy)!