George Kavassilas on Veritas - 1 of 5 - Our Journey Home


S y n o p s i s

Did you know that there is now scientific proof showing that solar flares are transmuting carbon 12 atoms into carbon 7? And carbon-12 is the most abundant form of carbon accounting for about 99% of all known forms of carbon. It is the isotope of carbon that consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. 6-6-6. Does that sound familiar?

We are now at the very threshold of the most significant shift humanity has ever experienced. It is the time for all secrets to be revealed. We have been holding on to this secret for a long time. And nature has spoken through signs that the time for this secret too has come.

Is comet Elenin really a comet? Why is it changing speed and course? Is the Earth cabal operating from the Moon and Mars? Why was the Moon placed here to remove harmony from planet earth?

Will the veil will be lifted soon so that people will "remember" who they? What will be the "kicker" or the event that starts the greatest cascade of global awareness blowing open?

Were there severe repercussions to all biological life on Earth when the Moon was placed here?

These and many more questions are address by George Kavassilas on this second part of "Our Journey Home".

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