George Kavassilas /Red Ice Dimensions , Relgion. Ascension. Mars, Moon, Deception


Truth feeder
Greetings people, what following is a new series from George Kavassilas. I enjoy George, some will not resonate with his thought processes. I have found it very remarkable, you listen and decide.

Here is a nine part (~14 minutes per vid) set. I was intending to just check out a part of and hit the sack, yet unfortunately I remained up to see the total set and make a thread.

He has got quite a past, has been duped and publicly stated it, and now believes he knows the real truth which is one thing he is required to reveal. I see it as simply additional input so that I can acquire the things which speak out loud for myself. He has got a large amount of info in this one. I did not feel it was wasted time. I might come to feel different in the morning soon after six hours of sleep. Give the gentleman a try, see how you feel about him

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine