Giant ship/anomaly next to the sun May 3rd 2012


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Hello everyone this is my first thread so bare with me.

Please go to youtube and search a user called Rob19791, look at their video named : UFO next to the sun 3rd May 2012 - This is getting crazy

This was posted yesterday morning so its very new.

This video shows a huge, unknown object directly above the sun as viewed from the SOHO EIT304 cameras.

I dont think it has been explained, but im sure NASA will say its an imaging glitch as usual :(

I cant post the link as i dont have 10 posts. But it is very interesting to say the least.


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Now THAT's cool! Looks like a ship to me. If not a ship, a probe maybe. Not made in nature or space in this case, that's for sure. I love when people find evidence of craft where there shouldn't logically be any. Logically being only because that is what we are TAUGHT to think and believe. Awesome find!!