Global disaster by eliminating ozone-consuming substances'
Saturday, March 21, 2009

The OZONE by the year 2065 is less bright as we were hoping for. A survey carried out by atmospheric chemists for space organization NASA shows that over two thirds of the ozone layer, part of the atmosphere that protects life on earth from harmful radiation from space, would have disappeared as 193 countries in 1989 hands together had not beaten for substances which affect the ozone gas to eliminate. The prepared computer simulations show that if no action were taken, in a few decades almost impossible to have been safe in the sun to walk without cancer.

The ozone layer is a natural sunscreen of the earth, that most ultraviolet radiation from the sun that comes into contact with the atmosphere absorbs and blocks. It protects life on the earth's surface from radiation that causes damage to our DNA. The gas is naturally created and completed by a photochemical reaction in the upper part of the atmosphere, where ultraviolet rays existing oxygen molecules into individual atoms' break ', which then in groups of three together and one ozone molecule (O3) forms. When the gas is transported by winds, the weather depleted by other atmospheric gases. It is a natural system in balance.

But CFC's, also known as chlorofluorocarbons are mentioned frequently and from 1928 in refrigerators and chemical sprays were used, disturbed the balance. In the seventies and eighties researchers discovered that the material reactive in the stratosphere after them from the earth's surface are emitted. This layer is part of the atmosphere that is ten to fifty kilometers above the earth and over ninety percent of the ozone that our planet contains consumed. Long time ultraviolet radiation provided that the CFC and bromine compounds in the atmosphere were separated and were converted as chlorine and bromine elements that destroy ozone molecules.


The ozone layer from 1974 to 2054 in the bad scenario. Red stands for a large amount of ozone and blue for a very small quantity.
Formation of a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica in the beginning of the eighties, it is ensured that there was aware of that ozone consuming substances measured band should be. Scientists had seen how much impact human activities have on the Earth's atmosphere and in 1989 was also the Montreal Protocol into force, which was established to protect the ozone layer from harmful substances. According to scientist Paul Newman, who participated in the study, we are pleased that the CFC's ozone layer could no longer attack. Although the results of the investigation is not very accurate and only indicate whether the situation good or bad, is it a right decision to make the global emissions of chlorofluorocarbons in particular limit. "

If the treaty was not signed and CFCs were still being emitted, the radiation in cities around the middle latitudes of the northern and southern hemisphere are on a cloudless summer day at the beginning of the afternoon were fifteen times higher, which our skin within ten minutes to burn. The models also show that ozone levels in the atmosphere in 2065 would fall about 67 percent, which means that the intensity of the harmful radiation that reaches the earth's surface had been doubled. The vast majority of the world cloud would have had skin cancer when the sun shine and plants and animals would get hit. At some wavelengths, the intensity of UV radiation, even ten thousand times as high as may have been. But as it now appears, this will not happen.

It is expected that the harmful substances by fifty to one hundred years completely disappeared from the atmosphere. Nevertheless, there are enough other problems with our earth, but it is certain that in any case with the ozone layer in the right direction is.

Source: astroversum