Google Faces Storm Over Naked Child on Street View


Truth feeder
Daily Mail
Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comment: How come people are outraged when Google takes naked photos of our children, but when the government does it with airport body scanners, it’s just fine?

Google has apologised after its Street View photo mapping service showed a frontal view of a naked child on a family day out.

Images of the blond boy, aged four or five, went live on Thursday in an update for the service.

They pictured him with his trousers down after going to the toilet on Wimbledon Common, South-West London.

The photos, showing the child’s mother or nanny helping him dress and a man looking on, have sparked fears that paedophiles will have a new way to search for photos or targets online.

Google had blurred the child’s face but not the registration plate of the family’s car, making it possible to trace their address.

The photos were removed soon after Google was alerted yesterday.

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