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My name is Kevin, I reside in the shires of England.
I arrived here on the wings of pegasus, as such.

I have a passion for dowsing.....of everything.
I was taught at a young age, but since 2005 when SOMETHING happened to Me and I recieved information that I hadn't a clue what it was all about, I have hit the trail to find the questions to which I recognise the answers to.
It puts Me into a typical oddball perspective of the vast majority, hopefully though not here?

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Hi Kevin, it's great to have you here, and let me tell you, you'll fit in here just fine!

We specialize in 'oddball'. :) I would say that us 'oddballs' and our perspectives are becoming the 'normal' of UHF. In fact, that's why this site is here! I welcome ALL to my site, no matter their views or abilities. The more the merrier I must say!

As for 'recognizing' answers to your questions on your path, you may not always recognize an answer that is an important one. Therefore, it is important to look at all things. It is easiest to follow only what is recognized, but sometimes that's not always the way.

I've been using my abilities privately for over 25 years, and just now opened up to using them more publicly. There are always new things to learn along the way, and some of those things seem to come from unusual and/or unexpected sources.

Anyhow, welcome to Unhypnotize! I hope you enjoy your stay here. And as always, I'll do my best to help in any way I can! :)

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Hey there hobbit! Always great to have new members to chat with! I look forward to seeing you in the forums!

What kind of things do you use dowsing for? I've heard of dowsing rods, but I'm not sure what all they are used for.


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Thank You for the warmth of welcome.
Once I have better aquainted myself of this forum I may start a thread dedicated to dowsing.

Basically it is our natural ability to atune to whatever We focus upon, via the palms of the hands and soles of feet.
the rods merely respond to the thought patterns been atuned to.

Sad news of Donner Summer, her record ...I feel love...is what I detect upon this forum.
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