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Your aura
Head: Purple and Magenta
Neck: Reddish Orange
Chest: Blue
Stomach: Purple
Lower Ab: Purple
Hip/Legs: Orange
Outter aura: Blue

Your chakra levels
Root: Balance and 100% functional
Spleen: Between deficient and balanced and working 45% out of 100%
Solar Plexus: Excess and functioning at 165%
Heart: Balanced
Throat: Balanced
Brow: Between deficient and balanced and functioning at 50%
Crown: Deficient and functioning at 85%. I was told that this is the one you need to work on the most. There are many yoga techniques that one can practice to balance this one. Since your root chakra is balanced, I think it won't be too difficult to balance the other chakras. Most of them are between deficient and balanced and are balanced so it shouldn't take much to heal them.

These are the foods I asked that would benefit your body the most.
Fruits (not the citric kind)
Herbs (specifically Hawthorn berries, corn silk, and propolis. You may need to research those before looking into them further.)
Acidic foods
Egg Whites
Cow Milk

Foods you are allergic to and should avoid the most.
Goat's Milk

I also did a little side reading for what other things you could possibly be allergic to that could be causing any spiritual blockages for you.
They are:
Carbon Monoxide (this is blocking you spiritually 30%)
Computer (this is blocking you spiritually 85%)
Microwaves (this is blocking you spiritually 15%)

I asked what name should be given to you. Soul name, it was.
Be mindful that this is in your soul's language. I cannot translate it to english. You might have to ask for that from your higher self.
First name: Eeada (pronounced "eh-aida"; last part 'ada' sounds just like "aid" that's why I put the pronunciation like so.)
1st middle name: Biyapab (pronounced "be-yah-pahb")
2nd middle name: Byb (pronounced "bye-b"; sounds just like 'bye' with a "b" sound for ending sound)
Last name: Budcchbadad (pronounced "bodch-bah-dahd")
I also asked which constellation where your soul originated it. You are from the constellation Hercules.

Past life
I asked for a past life that you would need to know in order to help you in this life.
This took place less than a million years ago on another planet in our same galaxy (in Pegasus constellation). I ask these kinds of questions, yes. This planet was very physical and it inhabited people that resembled human shape but not entirely. They had genders, as well. You were male. Compared to our people of Earth, the people were more peaceful and highly advanced. With my human logic, I had to use our human terminology for comparisons because I don't know what names they would call people there. So, I was given that you were a leader of some type under a royal group on that planet. I was given an event that happened. A natural disaster occurred at your "kingdom" or your home and it was taken from you, or rather destroyed. You and your people felt confused and at a loss as of what to do. You felt fear and worry. Little did the people know that the natural disaster occurred for an underlying reason of "rebirth." Because later I was told that you went beyond the boundaries to fix the problems. At the end, you and your people moved away and found a home elsewhere. I asked what you are supposed to remember from that life, it gave me "courage" and "healing through beliefs."

I asked what your purpose was and it was confusing me a lot at first. It felt like information was coming unclear to me. Sometimes the higher self does not want to give out information unless the person is ready. In the beginning of your reading here. I heard a word in my head that said "healing." But, I am unsure how it relates to what I found through the reading. You are indeed here to help people. You are a starseed. I was given that you are supposed to care for animals, nature, and the Earth by giving and sharing the divine love from within. Specifically, it said "environment." Like any individual I come across, we are supposed to follow what's deep within our hearts. This is also the case with you. To take care of the heart and bring it into the living. To improve yourself spiritually, as well. And, to trust the journey that you are on. My guides told me for you to "enjoy the ride." And last, these felt the most important to me for some reason. You are to focus in mending any imbalances you have in love relationships, not just limited to a partner, but to all loved ones. It felt like this one was associated with forgiveness of some sort. Anyhow, I really hope this has helped somewhat. And I hope that things work out smoothly for you. Good luck on your journey. Love and Light! :D