Hollow Earth
Saturday, April 11/09


A wise man, Marshall B. Gardner, in 1920 wrote the book A Journey to the Earth's Interior. In that book he describes his views on the principle that the Earth is not a solid mass, but consists of layers passable. Just because there again, the ultimate However his theory is that the center of the Earth is not swirling lava but a Central Sunday
If we are night vision and point taken, we soon come to the universal law of equals attract each other. That would be the orbit of the Earth around the Sun may explain not only our planet but also for all the planets that rotate around a circle have Sunday Here also we are assuming that only a solar system that is for the Galaxy in its turn is part of the known universe. But it is not the universe as we know that 'infinite' is. We inhabit a universe within universes. All these universes' hang 'in a large idleness and idleness may be seen as infinity. Like eggs in a big void!

Several philosophers have dealt with the theory of the Hollow Earth. That this is habitable but also that these were inhabited, people think of Tolkien's middle earth, for example. What started with the Hobbit in 1937 and under the spell of the Ring I, II and III published in 1954/1955.

How many myths and SAGES, there are not the origin of which is not to find out. Trolls, gnomes, elves and dwarves. You can not think of anyone has ever written. The big question is where is the origin of these stories? Never is there really an action to the interior of our Earth to explore. Nobody knows exactly how our Earth is.


The raw materials we use are located mostly in layers in the crust, oil, gas and water is usually found in a larger or smaller field. Scientists say research showing that lava from the interior of our Earth is it true that? Lava is not like almost any other liquid substance in fields? Also underground rivers of lava are one possibility, as water in many places in the crust fills underground rivers. It is indeed a serious investigation into this theory and there are even laws that require that you not unaccompanied inside the Earth may go. Search us for centuries in the wrong direction? Earth is our mother of another civilization, one that lives in its interior?

David Pratt has also devoted a study and came to a few conclusions. Not wrong to understand the conclusions that have come from the North Pole Expedition to the interior of the Earth. This will including the facts that are 'foreign' new species from the ocean to come. But where do those come from? From an ocean under the crust. And what are those creatures which Nicolas Roerich was told about a great strain in the crust lives? Even the Hopi Indians are convinced of a race that lives under the crust. Beings that the destruction of life on earth have survived by taking refuge in caves ensconce under the crust. And we explain how a UFO that seen in a mountain fell in England near Stonehenge (Salisbury Hills) and that no further investigation appears to have been?

Much is not known. Many speak to the imagination but just as many turn to thinking. Maybe we know much less about Mother Earth as we think. As long as there are "new species" discovered, may be that many will always remain a mystery.

Source: World secrets