[Info!] I would like to get everyone's opinion on this video John Perkins Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.


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An Economic hit man works undercover for our government, The main goal of an economic hit man is to bribe heads of states {presidents, prime ministers, Etc.} once a head of state sells out his countries future, a huge loan is given to this country which will pay for infrastructure in the rich parts of town. yet 90% of this loan will go to companies owned by the shadow government leaving the poor people of these countries with the tab, When a Head of State refuses to "play ball" the economic hit man warns him/her that refusal equals death and present the target with a list of past heads of states from around the world which refused to play ball and were eliminated/killed, if this doesn't work then the economic hit mans job is done and in come the jackals which are the assassins. In this video John Perkins gives two examples of Latin American presidents who were assigned to him who refused to play ball and were murdered 3 months apart from each other in the same way. This is a very interesting video/book which will shine some light on our out of control government and how control around the world at any cost is the norm. We are 5% of the world population yet we consume 25% of the worlds resources to do this 3rd world countries must be kept under uncle Sam's boot heel. I think we can do better if we work with other countries {allowing them to choose their own destiny} instead of it's our way or else! in come the jackals. what do you think?


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We know that the love of money and power over others on our earth has been going on since before time.
the animal ,the material mind fuctions on these levels .
It is THOSE who know true love and spread the word to heal others and know freedom of mind inturn spirit.
there will come a time man and the beast that lives within, will run out of the resources that give them power