Information on HPV 22) April, 2009, Zaandam
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Information evening in the Center Court on Wednesday, April 22 from 19.30.

During this evening you will get extended and cons of the HPV vaccine. The evening is given by Desiree Rover - medical research journalist and author of the book "HPV vaccines as a 'deus ex vagina"

entrance is 12,50 euro.

Revealing facts about the left side effects of HPV vaccines

When you get cervical cancer, that is horrible and would you want a fast and safe way to prevent this. But before we vaccinate young girls with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is important however to know what this effect. The manufacturers of this vaccine not hesitate to use emotional blackmail to intimidate young girls through schools, universities, newspapers, television and the Internet. Even doctors and ministers, these groundless information and are unknown to the actual facts and hidden intentions. Many thousands of international reports of adverse events have shown that genetically engineered HPV vaccines are often very serious and can cause permanent damage. Desiree Rover gives sensational information and reveals the left side.
Know what you spray! Read before you spray!

UTRECHT - Almost half (48 percent) of all call girls in the first two weeks of the campaign against cervical cancer met no puncture. India Stories.

The RIVM blames the low turnout include the 'india stories, which circulated on the vaccinations and calls people on their choice based on information that is based on facts.

On March 2 last year started the national campaign RIVM. For the so-called catch-up campaign, more than 380,000 girls between the ages of 13 and 16 years are invited to be vaccinated against cervical cancer.

Medical research journalist Desiree L. Rover has a broad historical overview of Western patent medicine. In addition, through its global contacts with doctors, therapists and researchers a sound scientific foundation gathered in the fascinating field of complementary and holistic approaches to health. Besides writing articles give lectures and workshops, and acts as chairman of (medical) conferences and public debates.
HPV vaccines, the India story of the government!


The phenomenon of 'vaccination' is based on the assumption that we can achieve substantial health with the injection of the cause of a disease is to avoid, in combination with highly toxic preservatives and adjuvants (eg aluminum), in addition to numerous contaminants from the soil culture that the germ was grown (including animal or human DNA and RNA, and foreign proteins that lead to autoimmune reactions).

In her book Cervical cancer, the HPV vaccine as a 'deus ex vagina' (ISBN: 978 90 202 0327 1) Desiree Rover let see how the whole idea of vaccination is an assumption based on the myths of Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur. These false assumptions are so worn as a basis for the current Western patent medicine that doctors and scientists no longer question marks everywhere. And not just on this path once it through to ever more minuscule details, but also rebut any criticism that they are completely unrealistic with statements such as Marina Conijn of the RIVM in Nova said about Cervarix, then not to harm "

Suddenly and with great restrained nature - from iPods to raffle off! - Urges the Dutch government anno 2009 unknown HPV vaccines to mothers of the future. The reason is that it gives is that this novel cervical cancer vaccine (BMHK) could reduce. But since this disease over a period of many years developing, will be 20 years or so show whether this assumption is correct ...
Strange is that BMHK disease is acquired through structured population in all Western countries where the vaccines are injected with verve, now less than 1% of the number of cases of cancer among women included. While in the Netherlands also showed that 50% of patients BMHK never had a smear make ...
If it really is like reducing the number of victims of cervical cancer, improving the population a measure containing much sense, even simpler and significantly cheaper.

Worrying is that the Health Minister Klink recommended the HPV vaccine be included in the RVP after consulting studies, only performed by, for and with the producers.

When the HPV vaccination, successful citizen initiatives have failed after a few days, said employee RIVM Prof. RA Coutinho's objections to the worried parents, journalists and scientists on the Internet had spread: India Stories ...

This expression of profound disrespect for the people by whom they are appointed to serve them, with the rest of the above arguments more than enough reason for the HPV vaccination to surrounded by red flags and alarms.

Source: centrumhethof

Translated version of http://www.centrumhethof.nl/gezondheid/baarmoederhalskankervaccinatie