Insects do not eat sprayed fruit ...
Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why would you do it? It seems so logical .. Put your money into good food, the best standard' food that you can buy. With a lower price, you have a lower quality suits. Short 10 reasons to healthy, organic food to eat. And the share of organic food supermarkets is growing ... The only market that shows a strong growth!

10 reasons to eat organic ..

1. Organic food is proven healthier food. It is proven that this food more vitamin C and essential minerals or organic food. It is ridiculous that we therefore do not need talk about biological, the 'other food' would in fact bi-illogical food should call .. "How long you are already eating bi-illogical ..?"

Organic food contains no bad additives, no artificial substances affecting the taste, color and / or smell should positively influence. The packaging of organic food you will not find E-numbers ..

3. No pesticides. Organic food is, by definition, not sprayed. The result is that the farmer is therefore a lower yield of his country and a higher price needs and demands. Did you know that pesticides now known to be lifelong in life processes remain active. (the example of the now DDT was completely clear)

4. No genetically modified food (GM)! Organic food is GM NEVER! Worldwide, there are intense discussions on GM. It appears more and more that the 'false flag' of returns multinationals are their dominant position in the world, through patents on seeds, etc., to strengthen. But first, the safety of GM has never been proven ..! And it appears now that the returns claimed a big lie, of including the Monsanto-crooks. See this piece on WantToKnow.nl

5. No antibiotics. Organic meat comes from animals not been vaccinated with all kinds of antibiotics to prevent disease. Diseases that arise in particular by the very animals on a kluitje place and unnatural treatment ..

6. Love for animals. Animals in a biological environment full of love and treated it not only yields higher, but it appears that the synergy between farmer and animal gets a big gain.

In love for nature!

7. High (er) food standard. The special is that organic products must meet higher standards, in addition to regular legislation. Certainly BD products that feature a Demeter have ..! A great test for this branch of food sport.

8. Hidden costs. By antibiotics and pesticides to use, later come to light hidden costs, not directly in the price of the product that you are now regular purchases in the store.

What about eg drinking water filled with pesticides and drug residues including animals are treated. Viasteeds expensive set of water-cleaning pay indirectly-we-still a higher price than we thought ..!

This is perhaps one of the clearest examples of damaging hidden forces behind our economy, where we literally ourselves be fooled. Or is this a price calculation overarching task for the government ...? Would we sprayed food additional tax so that a fair comparison with onbespoten food creates ..?

The Italian artist painted a tasty Archimboldo head ...

9. Better for the environment. Organic farmers are more in balance with the environment in which they live. This has more respect and balance as a result. People, planet, profit! Sustainability just very basic from Mother Earth in a beautiful cycle.

10. And of course when the food goes, we talk about Taste! About taste is not debatable; test just once ...! About taste is open to debate, but when 9 out of 10 people agree that organic tomatoes taste better, then that is an important part of the discussion about taste.

Tomatoes have long been a wonderful example of more and deeper flavor. The trace elements in organic soil, are not replaced in manure that is used in glass-tomatenteetlt! Albert Heijn that a few years ago a separate box 'Taste Tomatoes' had, of course, a gotspe, right? They are now off the market, more and more tomatoes and other vegetables, get their taste back ..

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I thought that i would put this in this thread to show people if the insects will not eat sprayed food or GMO foods then what are we doing eating them........ricklbert

Codex Alimentarius- what you should know

Codex Alimentarius is a trade agreement that will take away your right to certain food, herbs and even vitamin C. Starrjaded has a very infromative vid up by NaturalSolutions that inspired me to make this - thanks sister:)

Report from Codex Commission Meeting - Rome 2009

Natural Solutions Foundation Medical Director Rima E. Laibow, MD tells us a bit about Codex Alimentarius, the "World Food Code" as she walks through the exhibit hall at the FAO headquarters in Rome. What is the image Codex portrays? What is the reality?

Reports from Codex 2009: Report from Codex #1: Pig in a Poke, and Poking the Pig

And more: Natural Solutions’ Food Freedom eJournal

Report from Codex #1: Pig in a Poke, and Poking the Pig


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Rules of thumb:

1) If an animal nor an insect will touch it, YOU shouldn't either.
2) If it doesn't rot, it won't break down in YOUR system either.
3) If it's harmful to nature (animals, plants, insects, etc.) it's harmful to YOU!


I'm sure the list goes on but that's all i've got for right now.

Boiling Frog

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Digestion is an acceleration of the natural decomposing process in a controlled environment, your stomach and intestines. So if nature will not decompose the food naturally how can your body?


I trust you all know that MacDonalds food does not brake down naturally. There are video all over the internet with people who have l MacDonalds food out for months with NO signs for decomposition. Stick with local or home grown food and stay away from anything made by large corporations.


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Yes, so anything that can't decompose by ANY natural means, that includes the help of bugs/insects, then it WON'T decompose/rot/digest in a human body and therefore IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU AND SHOULDN'T BE CONSUMED. Why on earth would anyone think that something is better just because it doesn't have insect marks on it? I'd rather see insect marks and know my food is safe to eat.


That why they set the canary in to the coal mine, to know if it was safe for humans. We should be doing the same for our food, and not trust what some paid celebrity say about a product.

Its simple...If the insects like it...its good to eat!

If NOT don't eat it!