Introduction to Night Five ~ Entering the Universal Underworld

From August 18th to September 4th, we enter into Night Five of the Universal Underworld, embraced in the Cosmic Ray of Interstellar Service, and Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and Interstellar Council of Twelve.

As the Pleiades Constellation is brought into focus during these next eighteen days, we experience the effects of the Photon rays through the energy of Alcyone, immersed constantly within the Photon Band, and the effects upon our consciousness of moving into and out of these Light ray frequencies.

As both Maya and our Sun, the third and eighth stars respectively within this figure eight Cosmic dance of Pleiadian Photonic Light, are moving more permanently into the Photon rays, all the Planets within our Solar System are being immersed within this fifth dimensional spiralling impulsing of Divine Light.

This photonic ray energy spins the electron-positron pairs at a cellular level within the body, facilitating a deeper clearing of all personal and collective karma while activating the keycodes of illumination and joy as well as an expansive consciousness experience of time/space into the eternal Now.

With this comes the potentiality of experiencing the ever-present Continuum, taking us beyond the ring-passeth-nots into the vibration of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the quickening of our many gifts as wayshowers, teachers, healers, facilitators and caretakers to Mother Earth and all her Life.

We are further invited into the Crystalline City above Mt. Denali in Alaska, holding the energy of this beautiful Silver Ray of Interstellar Service, to experience a deeper sense of our Service work on both the inner and outer planes as these multidimensional Master Beings of Light.

On a planetary level, we are offered assistance by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and the Legions of Light from On High to purge many of the collective karmic events through the Photonic Rays of Light, amplifying this high electromagnetic frequency onto this earth plane, bringing up all that is hidden and needing to be transmuted, cleared or Illumined as we focus upon the inherent understanding of the Divine Equality of all Life through this beautiful Cosmic ray of Illumination.

Additionally, many of us will have the potential to experience 4th dimensional density through the radiation of the Collective I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light, in what is coming to pass as the New Earth.

We are also offered frequency remodulation within the Crystalline City of Light to be able to lift ourselves and hold ourselves within these fifth dimensional Light frequencies of Illumination, joy, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

 The time is Now, as these keycodes of Light are being activated on this earth plane through the Unity Grid of Light, Solar Grid of Light and Interstellar Grid of Light; and as we experience the Spiritual reunion on a Galactic Level with our Cosmic Family of the Light, we anchor the new DNA Activation codes for all Life, to be activated on 11:11:11 through the Crystalline 144 Unity Grid.

Invocation to Night 5 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld

As I align with my I Am Presence and Mother/Father God, I call in all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge.

As this first wave human Soul in full embodiment of the new I Am Avatar Blueprint, I bring my focus to the Cosmic Ray of Interstellar Service, expressed as Illumination, joy and Love, and Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light.

I now call upon the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, to take me in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light, into the Crystalline City above Mt. Denali in Alaska, so I may experience a deeper sense of my Service work through these fifth dimensional frequencies of Illumination, joy, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness as this sacred, transfiguring Flame of Divine Love

As I enter into this Crystalline City of Light, I am surrounded in a beautiful silver octahedronal shaped Temple of Light, vibrating in Photonic Rays of Light.

Surrounded by my star family and friends of the Light, I now release and transmute all remaining karma within my body, energy field and hologram through the spinning of the electron-positron pairs within my body, clearing karmic events from all parallel realities, alternate realities and past lives, experienced on any dimension through all time and space continuums,

As I take on the mantle of leadership as a wayshower, teacher and caretaker to Mother Earth and all her Life ~ I am now placed in a Frequency Remodulation Chamber of Light brought in by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, lifting me into a fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Illumination, joy, Love and Unity Consciousness, with the ability to create my I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light and experience 4th dimensional density in this Now.

Through these merging timelines I experience All That I Am, as I am taken into the everpresent, infinite and eternal Now, experiencing all past, present and future realities simply as Divine Love.

I now find myself on the Interstellar Grid of Light, connecting to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and all the Beings of Light from On High, as I take on these fifth dimensional interstellar keycodes of Light through the Photonic Rays of Light, lifting myself into Cosmic Christ Consciousness and living my Life as a Flame of Divine Love through Service in Joy.

I now find myself on the Unity Grid of Light, wrapping the Earth and all her Life in this sacred Silver Flame of Illumination and Light.

And now, through the Group I AM Avatar Blueprint of Divine Light, I assist in amplifying these Photonic Rays of Light, clearing the collective karmic patterns of Humanity, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will, and bringing through the understanding of the Divine Equality of All Life in Illumination, joy, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, allowing all Life to experience the Patterns of Perfection.

I Am abundance,
I Am manifestation,
I Am strength and courage,
I Am joy and Love,
I Am wisdom and illumination,
I Am realization and knowing,
I Am All That I Am.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek
Co-created by Adi'El
Universal Underworld ~ Night Five transmission by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek ~

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now and certainly you are seeing through the spiraling energies that you are experiencing through this rhythm of eighteen day cycles, you are moving into more of a multidimensional experience, or rather into this multidimensional matrix of Unity Consciousness.

And with this, a deeper understanding of yourself as this sacred Master Being as well as being able to step out into a deeper level of service in the recognition of the Divine Equality of all Life; in the knowing of the preciousness of yourself and the preciousness of others as your experience the energy of Divine Love, of illumination, and joy, amplified through Night Five.

It is really about frequency, sweet ones. It is about the expansion of your consciousness, of knowing that you are able to align yourself into the sacred magnificence of your original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and with this, create the frequencies that you are wanting within yourself to move into this expanded state of consciousness, while being this physical vessel of Light on this sacred planet which you exist.

We spoke previously about the understanding of frequency and we would like to expand a little more on this understanding. With this though we call upon our precious friends, the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and will catch up with you again soon.

Welcome precious hearts, so you have experienced this Frequency Remodulation Chamber of Light with us. So, for a moment now, just find yourself within this Frequency Remodulation Chamber of Light, taking on all the frequencies that you are needing or wanting as this time, as we align you into your original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint. And now just truly experience yourself within this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love, illumination and joy. Wonderful.

As these starseeds, precious hearts, many of you have experienced yourself as "alien" in adjusting your frequencies to the wavelength of this planet on the lower dimensions. This term "alien" can create a sense of alienation and indeed you are all "aliens."

However, the correct frequency of your "alien energy" is really being able to see the magnificence of all creation through your Master eyes from the vibration of Cosmic Christ consciousness; and being able to work with frequency in such a way that you create the fabric of your reality, the fabric of your creation, in this essence of Divine Love. Frequency, precious hearts, starts with Self, with the recognition that you truly are this Master Being and even while the reality around you might not truly reflect this, it is coming more and more as you able to stand steadfast in the Light and hold these frequencies of Light from On High.

On a planetary level, you are assisting in the clearing of the shadow aspects of humanity through illumination and Light, and on a personal level, you are working with the cellular memories that you carry with these karmic patterns, with these judgments, and false beliefs and having these mirrored around you to truly integrate both the shadow and the Light to experience a deeper level of Divine Love within yourself.

So in your reality, what are the frequencies that you are experiencing, precious hearts? What is being mirrored back to you through your relationships, through your frienDiships, through your partnerships and through the essence of yourself in all aspects of Who You Are as this multidimensional Master Being?

Choose your frequencies with care, as you are able to create any frequency that you want or are needing to experience, but know through all these experiences that you truly are this Flame of Divine Love.

If you are wishing to experience a greater level of abundance, whether this be the frequency simply of joy or of Love or of financial security, create this knowing by shifting your consciousness through frequency modulation.

Does this make sense, precious hearts? It is imagining that you are already living this fifth dimensional frequency of the New Earth, for you truly are, and when you start to believe it, you bring into your reality these higher dimensional frequencies through magnetization and manifestation as a conscious co-creator.

For all frequency is simply energy, either manifest or unmanifest, and it is the cohesive process of creating the thoughtforms to this reality of One Unity Consciousness through streams of consciousness that will allow the feeling of these frequencies within your energy body to be experienced.

Have a look too at the energetic matrix of your creations as to how you are affected by the Light frequencies coming in, as well as what is going on from a Planetary perspective and the affect of these frequencies upon your energy body.

How you are being affected by the solar flares, photonic rays, earth changes and mother earth's electromagnetic field, as well as the crumbling three-dimensional matrices and old paradigms.

While you are affected by earth changes and by the realities of others energetically, you can hold yourself steadfast in the Light, by experiencing the frequency of eternal Divine Love within all aspects of yourself, for truly there is only Love.

Bring in those frequencies that you are needing and truly you will be surprised at what you can co-create as you trust and surrender to the Divine.

Now, what we would like to briefly bring your attention to is another frequency remodulator, the energy of orbs. For we know that this makes many of you dance with delight when you see or experience these orbs, or photograph yourself surrounded by orbs and what we want is for you to be able to experience a sense of freedom and joy in your life through dancing to what makes your heart sing.

Many of you have experienced or sensed the orbs of light that come through the light dimensions, either as these encoded sacred geometric frequencies of light holding particular qualities that enhance and amplify your energy or experienced through the energies of ourselves or many of our friends from On High.

Know that we are all supporting you with every step forward you take, and this can truly be done with delight and with Love.

Have a look too, precious hearts, at what you are eating, what you are listening to, what you are reading, what you are doing to raise your frequency to a greater level.

It is important to bring your conscious awareness into what you are doing, creating and experiencing in every Now moment, as these merging timelines are taking you more into this infinite and eternal moment in time as you experience yourself in this fifth dimensional energy of illumination, of joy, of Divine Love. And of course, so much of our energy is that of joy as we have mentioned.

And it is truly too, about experiencing your life in joy, letting go of the perceived stress, letting go of being too serious in life or being concerned of what others think of you. Dance to your heartbeat, to what brings joy to your life, precious hearts. You are all creators; precious, magical, magnificent Beings of Light and the frequencies experienced through the Photon Rays of Light are lifting the shadows to a greater level of collective light.

This is experienced within yourself as the sub-atomic particles spin in increased frequencies of light; as you experience more of your master gifts primarily as this stage of telepathy, of clairvoyance, of clairaudience and clairsentience.

And following this, the next level is to step into fourth dimensional density or in other words, simply being Light. This is the frequency which will be experienced by all life and you are already experiencing moments of this through the ever present continuum, that of Divine Love.

Dance with joy, dance to this heartbeat of Divine Love within yourselves, precious hearts.

And most of all, spend time with those that truly see you and out with mother nature, for this will take you into a deeper level of the experience of yourself as this caretaker to Mother Earth, and to the rhythm and to the balance that you can create, both within yourself and your reality as these earth changes continue more rapidly now as you are moving into this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love.

And we take you by the hands precious hearts, lifting you into this fifth dimensional frequency now. Experience this for yourself through your master eyes as this multidimensional Master Being in the unification of Cosmic Christ consciousness and the experience of all life in Unity Consciousness, in Divine Love through the illumination and magnificence of yourself and All That You Are.

(Elders) Just hold this focus, sweet ones, in experiencing your multidimensional reality through this merging timelines, have a look at all the gifts that you have and bring. Have a look at what frequencies you may be needing to integrate and see this as harmonic frequencies of spiraling vortices or sacred geometries and absorb these into your energy bodies now, taking on all that you may need in this Now to truly experience self mastery.

As you know, sweet ones, the energy of the photon rays will be experienced more permanently when you enter into the Galactic Center on December the 21st or 22nd, 2012, as you move into this Galactic Alignment of Light through your sun, through Alcyone, through Sirius, into the Great Central Sun, this alignment continues too through the Cosmic Embrace of Mother/Father God and your I Am Presence and also through the Overlighting of all the Beings of Light from On High, as each dimension shifts, from one octave to the next and this is simply what this frequency vibration is, shifting you into the next octave, for you are ready and the time is Now.

This experience that we mention that has of course being foretold is one that will either be experienced through the full immersion of the sun into the Photon Band, and if this occurs you may experience three days of darkness.

If the earth however moves into the Photon Band first, you will not experience this. However, what you can be assured of, is when you experience this fifth dimensional frequency of Divine Love, as you move into fourth dimensional density, as you create the Group I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light through your collective consciousness, it will not be experienced as traumatic.

If Mother Earth continues to experience extreme earth changes, the Brotherhood of the Light will bring in orbs of light to assist in the stabilizing of this earth and all her life. And also at this time a planetary Merkaba Vehicle of Light will be created if need be, to stabilize the electromagnetic field of mother earth, and with this, your electromagnetic field. However, you can work with this now, sweet ones, with the Light Body/Merkaba activation or working with building the multidimensional bodies of light and lifting yourself in cosmic consciousness awareness into the higher planes and creating your I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light, your etheric, electronic body of Light.

This occurs through your inner plane work, through your service work, through your devotion to Mother/Father God and the many paths that lead to this essence of Divine Love and experience of this for all life. Again the primary focus for now is on the Unity Grid. Remember that the planetary key codes of light change all the time as they are being activated and downloaded, and the primary key codes now through the Unity Grid and the Crystalline Grid are bringing through the energy of Divine Love, amplified through the Eleventh Ray of Illumined Truth, through the essence of the Divine Feminine archetype, the energy of the Divine Mother, so that all life may experience these encodings through the planetary gateway of 11/11/11.

You are moving into this at warp speed and are experiencing this perhaps now simply in moments, but it is coming to pass with this New Earth that this is your reality and you will remain steadfast in these frequencies.

So of course this oscillation continues and the lower dimensions from a planetary perspective stills shows so much of the shadows, so much of the lower qualities of many of the people on this planet and their unconscious patternings. But know that all Life has the choice to ascend, and at this moment in time, most of humanity will make this choice at a higher light level, as decreed by Mother/Father God.

And as you shift collectively into the light you can do this through holding the frequency vibration of Divine Love, through the essence of yourself as this First Wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint creating and affecting change on this earth plane As you focus through the Unity Grid in this Now, wrapping the earth and all her life in this beautiful silver interstellar flame of light, you are part of the Group I Am Avatar Collective Consciousness of Light assisting all the Beings of Light from On High.

And the power of what you can do together is immeasurable in its magnificence. If you may like to focus through the Unity Grid at a time, the Christ Consciousness Grid within and around your earth plane, you can do this at anytime, sweet ones. There are always the Legions of Light and Light Workers such as your Self, working the Unity Grid of Light.

And as you tune into this, you will experience a deeper sense of Unity Consciousness while affecting and creating change on this planet. However through the energy of the sun and this imprinting of light too, you may like to tune in at sunrise or sunset and experience the amplified keycodes spiraling forth into this solar system and onto all the sacred and non-sacred planets within this solar system as these Cosmic keycodes of light move through the sun and onto the earth.

This is an incredible moment in time, sweet ones, and truly the New Earth is here. Create this as your reality in the essence of Who You Are as this multidimensional Master Being in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life, as you move into the everpresent continuum, as your truly experience yourself as the Flame of Divine Love.

And with this we bid you a most magical day.

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