iPod raffle for HPV vaccination irresponsible


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iPod raffle for HPV vaccination irresponsible
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Chamber Esmé Wiegman-Van Meppel Scoop Pink Chamber has asked about the iPod raffle for the number of vaccinations to increase in young girls against the virus that causes cervical cancer. Esmé Wiegman - Of Meppel Schep Pink: "This move in my opinion not to responsible behavior. By vaccination you must keep distant seeding operations. "

Last week came the message in the media that a number of GGD's iPod's raffled for girls to the extent that they be vaccinated against the HPV virus that can cause cervical cancer. Tens of thousands of 13 - to 16-year-old girls in Gelderland were last week an invitation letter from the health authorities have received.

The Christian Union is that they do not draw justifiable means to people to the GGD to attract. In addition, this action girls approached as a target, while the information on the Rijksvaccinatieprogramma (RVP) and the HPV vaccination to the parents is aligned. The Health Council has noted that effective education about the HPV vaccination is important for the acceptance among the population. Because the letter of the GGD's girls is addressed, the effectiveness of information might come.

Written questions from the member Wiegman - Of Meppel Schep Pink (Christian Union) to the Minister of VWS raffle on iPods by GGD's with HPV vaccination.

1. Do you know the message "Let your vaccinations and win an iPod?
2. How does this action aimed at the target of the vaccine is the responsibility of parents / guardians to whom the call for RVP-vaccination is targeted?

3. How does this action to the opinion of the Health that the introduction of the HPV vaccine flanking policies in the field of acceptance and information?

4. Is this a responsible action drawing tool for people to "adherence" to continue?

Source: Nieuwsbank.nl