Truth feeder

This geologist, Jim Berkland predicted the 1989 World Series Quake days before it happened. Same unusual patterns and events are occuring now along with full moon equinox and highest tidal forces all happening on saturday march 19th. Equinox, first day of spring, full moon closest approach in years, solar flairs magnetic changes etc are all predictors precursors. Along with the washup of all fish on the coast of CA that are called "earthquake fish" in Japan. He is predicting another California quake based on predictors that are occuring again, just like in 1989. He believes their is a high probability of CA quake this saturday. Mark, if this geologist is correct, you just might be living it up on the island of CA very soon.

40-Foot Section Of Hwy. 1 Falls Into Ocean


California "big one" expected to pale next to Japan quake