Is Meditation and Illusion?

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Just another mind control method?
Bill Joslin at an early age developed a fascination with mind and awareness. Subsequently he spent 16 years studying Bonpo, Nyingma Buddhist and Taoist practices. He spent a year in Asia interviewing Buddhist monks in Laos, Cambodia, Nepal; Taoist practitioners in Indonesia, and Bonpo priests in Northwest Nepal, comparing practices as taught in the west with the original monasteries and traditions from which the teachings originated. Nine years ago, Bill was asked by a number of people to counsel them with mediation practices they were having difficulty with and not finding aid from their current teachers. From a sense of responsibility Bill then went through a process of questioning every aspect of meditative knowledge he had gained over those years, essentially applying critical thinking to spiritual practices. In short order the illusion of meditation, spiritual teachers, and philosophical frameworks dissolved and a concise, non-mystical view of mind, self and world emerged with simple clarity. Meditation and spiritual guru-ship is an ancient form of control, the residue of which we live with today.

GNOSTIC MEDIA : ?Meditation: Deconstructing Nonsense? | THEOSOPHY WISDOM


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The thing is anything can be used as a mind control device, so yeah. I buy it. If it's a religious angle that can be used to fill gaps of someone's life and divert them away from the important questions, yeah.

But. I once had a job that kept me up all night. And I went to school during the day. There's a type of meditation you can do that pretty much reduces your need for a lot of sleep. So during breaks at work I'd find a chair and do it. I was pretty much bright eyed and bushy tailed the whole time. But I wasn't going to church or anything. Just doing my thing. No mind control there. :)