Lady of Light

Lady of Light
September 12 2012

It has been said time and time again by many people including myself; “Don’t’ believe anything you hear from anyone else but from yourself”.

All of my channeled information comes to me through “meditative trance”. As the information streams into my “thoughts” I type as it enters and the flow remains as long as the flow is needed, provided I am not interrupted by outside sources, (which often happens).

Can these messages that are being channeled be deceptive? Sure they can. Any message coming from anywhere can be and is deceptive to some degree. Why is that? Well, the world being a mass illusion or mass delusion, is a collective conscious and collective subconscious collaboration of intermingled thoughts and ideas and ideals that come together to form what we call “reality”. Because what is real to some and not to others, and what is wanted to be real to some and not to others, has a way of presenting itself in that exact way.

One person’s reality is never another’s. The realities can be close or similar in nature, but are NEVER the same all the way through. This is why there is so much disagreeance when it comes to what is real and what is not and what the true meaning of life is.

Take December 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2012 for example. We have people that will tell you that without a doubt, Nibiru is coming and there will be terrible cataclysm, and you will have others tell you that it is the biblical rapture and judgment day is upon us. You also have those that believe that we are, as an earth body, spinning into a new dimension, and others who believe that aliens are going to “beam us up” onto their spaceships.

The truth of the matter is, it is ALL real, and NONE of it is real all at the same time. We are the creators of this place that we call reality and we are the ones that determine what will happen to us if anything at all. We live because we believe ourselves to be alive; we die because we believe ourselves to die. We control everything around us whether we think we do or not, and it is time that we take advantage of who we are and what we can do instead of relying on others to tell us what to do and what to think.

I often find myself thinking “That guy (or girl) is so lost. They have a lot of things right, but they are still so very lost.” And then it occurs to me, “You know, they way the information comes across to different people is put in a way for THEM to understand it and they are merely trying to convey it to others so that others can get it too.”

When people receive the profound information that either wakes them from their hypnotic trance or takes them to a higher level of “thought”, they are, even if they don’t realize it, in a meditative state. That meditative state for a lot of people happens to come when they are sitting on the toilet. You’ll often hear people say they got their best thoughts or ideas while sitting on the toilet. Well, it’s true; this is because they are in a trance, they are able to relax and to meditate, and that is where the clearest messages get through.

To meditate and relax and just sit and receive these “thoughts” on anything you want to think about is the best thing you can do for yourself. Disengage yourself from the outside world and just “think”. You may be amazed at what you “come up with” that you never even imagined you could before. The more you disconnect with the outside world, the world of stresses, the more you have a “clear mind”. A clear mind is a clear channel to what some refer to as your “higher self”; I don’t call it the higher self, it is simply another level of frequency that you can tap into where there is much more open knowledge of things that we do not have open access to in this level of being.

This is where you have to be true to yourself, and ONLY yourself. You have to listen to those profound thoughts and stop ignoring them. Allow them to flow into your mind and pass through you while you absorb the information. All truth, as we can accept it in this level of existence, is there to be attained. If you want to know what’s true and right, all you need to do is ask.

However, it is best to drop any beliefs, religious or otherwise, if you wish to move onto a higher level of knowing. If you maintain your beliefs, you are not learning. Learning is about ever-changing beliefs and thoughts. It is not about learning 1 thing, calling it the truth, and sticking with it for the rest of your existence. Doing that is giving up and allowing someone else’s beliefs to rule your life. You must constantly question, and constantly change your beliefs according to what is true in the moment, and constantly learn.

Even with the information that is channeled in through meditating, you must always review and question. Things change, and so do the way the messages relate to you in every moment. So, if you find yourself suddenly doubting what was told to you in “thought”, then go back and review and “meditate on it” again.

Accept all information and believe nothing. Always question, and always learn. Things change, situations change, and so do people; this includes you. Nothing is ever as it seems, and everything is given in symbolism, much like a dream. Take nothing at face value, to do so, you will be deceived.