Is your confidence in the government also increased? Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Is your confidence in the government also increased?
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All rich media scatter joyfully with data from the CPB (Social and Cultural Planning Bureau) on the last quarter of 2008. It would appear that trust in government has grown substantially. 55% of the population gave her enough. Compared with 44% in the third quarter. Even the number of supporters of the Dutch EU membership increased from 42% to 49% and the number of opponents declined from 20% to 16%
Typical is that everyone who I have to ask, just the opposite.

How can? Have you a statement?

What do you think of:
What happened? Partly due to the government and we're in a crisis. Many people are scared horrible, fear for their savings, which the government only guarantees to 20,000 euros. Then the government increases the guarantee to 100,000 euros and the vast majority of people slaakt a sigh of relief. Give more debt to America and play the great savior.
We have a government that protects us against loss, a state where you can have confidence. The fear and the cause of the crisis are more than 6 weeks in the past and that has been forgotten.
For the EU, the media and promoted by the government that it is good that we now enjoy playing in that club are bigger, and the euro, as small as the Netherlands, we are far more fragile and can not sustain.
That the measures taken and that they are likely to apply many negative elements, are probably not seen or understood.

Would this statement, or you see other possibilities?
Please let know!

Or the butcher who speaks his own flesh channels?
From the press release of the CPB: February 16
Trust in government in the last quarter of 2008 increased
Confidence in government is the end of 2008 grew sharply in the survey of the last quarter of 2008 was 55% of the Dutch it a 'sufficient', compared with 44% in the third quarter. The share of people who voted was negative about the politics in The Hague declined from 40% in the third quarter to 32% in the last quarter. Confidence in the banks was the fourth quarter with an average score of 5.8 on nearly equal footing with the trust in large companies (5.9). Furthermore, the proportion of supporters of the Dutch EU membership increased from 42% in the third quarter to 49% in the last quarter, while the share of opponents in the same period fell from 20% to 16%. All the CPB over the last year.

Note editing the umpteenth time that the Government through this road, the people of the Netherlands, wants to believe a lie. This is a spiritual problem, it would so if we consider each other as a go and everything to share with each other. It sounds simple and precise it is.

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