Israel air strike hits Gaza Strip


FEB 13,09

Israel air strike hits Gaza Strip

Israel has launched an air strike in Gaza, killing one Palestinian and wounding at least one other, medical officials said.

The strike hit close to the town of Khan Younis, in the south of Gaza.

The men were on a motorcycle when they were hit by fire from an Israeli drone, Palestinian security officials said.

The strike came hours after officials from Hamas - which has internal control of Gaza - said they expected a truce with Israel to be announced in days.

The Israeli military said the men had been planning an attack into Israel, the Associated Press reported.

At least one of them was a member of a militant group, the Popular Resistance Committees, reports citing officials in Gaza said.

The air strike came hours after the military said militants in Gaza fired two rockets into Israel, causing no casualties.

The two sides have exchanged sporadic fire since calling unilateral ceasefires in mid-January at the end of Israel's three-week offensive against Gaza.

Hamas officials in Cairo said earlier that a long-term truce could be announced within days.

Border crossings would reportedly be re-opened and a ceasefire would be called for 18 months under the Egyptian-brokered deal - on which Israel has not yet formally commented.


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