[FYI] It was an inside job!!!


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The government used it to basically control the people of the U.S.A.... Like, for example, whenever you say something about the 9/11 attacks, peoples eyes glaze over and then they usually start to get all sad and depressed... IT IS USED TO KEEP THE CROWDS UNDER CONTROL!!!

100th Monkey

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It was used to get the patriot act in place and now security in airports and sport stadiums....what next?? Police check points with body scanners??? of course as long as the American people put up with it, it will happen....


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All of the above mentioned things and more is what happened. Control is the underlying everything when it comes to these 'events' or 'tragedys'.

Patriot act, homeland security (which by the way is the new name of the Corporation of the United States of America), body scanners, etc. The list goes on and on. Then there's the crap about them killing Osama? WTF? I call BS big time.

Yes, no one wants to talk about it being an inside job accept for us truthers. It's so blatently obvious that it pains me to see and hear the people who still believe that it was terrorists from the middle east.

Oh, it was terrorists alright. But they were right here in our own front yard. You gotta ask yourself, what is the definition of a 'terrorist'? --Anyone who strikes terror into anyone else!


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Inside job my ass! Clearly it was osama bin laden and his followers. Why would you possibly believe otherwise? What real evidence is there to support you theory?

Oh wait! I just got it! Inside job! The hijackers were "inside" the planes when they crashed them! Ok then, "inside" job it is.:wink:


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again, doubter needs to get his head out of his ass!

The sooner you wake up, brother, the better for us all.

Clearly a planned event and our government knew about it well in advance because they are the ones that planned it and executed it. Thermite was used and all 3 buildings were controlled demolitions. Clearly, clearly, oh soooo obvious, controlled demolitions!

Besides, one of the supposed hijackers that died in the crash at the towers, was in Florida when it all happened.