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Jeffrey Blankfort is an American Jewish journalist and producer of radio programs on KZYX in Mendocino in North California. He is a supporter of a binational state in Palestine. He is one of favorite targets of American Zionist crowd and admireres of Jewish professor Noam Chomsky, a Crypto-Zionist. Earlier, Jeff had called Chomsky “a liability to Palestinian cause“.

In July 2010, Jeff Blankfort participated in a conference on Israel’s nuclear weapons held at the Spy Museum in Washington DC, which was sponsored by the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy. In November 2010, Jeff was interviewed by Kathleen Wells, political correspondent for Race-Talk. Watch the interview below.

In February 2006, Silvia Cattori interviewed Jeff Blanfort in which Jeff had claimed that the US invaded and occupied Iraq, not for Iraqi oil but to protect Israeli interests in the region. Read the entire interview here.

“The war in Iraq was not a war for oil, but was a war conceived by the neo-cons and the pro-Israeli lobby in the United States to benefit Israel, and to elevate Israel to a very important position in the Middle East, as a part of a plan to achieve overall US global control. This is what was called for in the document of the “Project for a New American Century” or PNAC. And even though a number of prominent people, politicians as well as military people, have said that this was a war for Israel, the anti-war movement will not consider that at all.

And right at this moment, the only segment of the American society that is pushing the US administration to confront Iran, happens to be the Jewish establishment or the lobby, whose main focus for months – groups like AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but also other Jewish organizations– has been to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” said Jeff Blankfort.

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