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Jeff Cohen’s (a Jewish journalist) latest take on the success of some of Islamic movements in the Middle East, entitled Fear Extreme Islamists in the Arab World? Blame Washington - is one of most laughable Israeli Hasbara piece I have read during this month.

To begin with Cohen quotes Martin Luther King Jr.: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Then Jeff Cohen claims that had Rev. King watched America’s policy in the Muslim world, he might have update that quote by noting: “Those who make secular revolution impossible will make extreme Islamist revolution inevitable.”

I am sure, since Dr. King was not a racist Zionist Jew, he would rather had revised his quote to read: “Those who make people revolution impossible will make anti-Zionism revolution inevitable”.

Why Cohen prefers secularist regime over an Islamist regime – is very simple. As turned out to be, all current Islamist or semi-Islamist regimes (Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Gaza, Sudan, Iraq, etc.) are anti-Israel and dislike US administration for its blind support for Israel.

Cohen tries to blame and CIA for the rise of the so-called “Islamic extremism” without mentioning Israeli Mossad’s being in bed with CIA and America’s foreign policy and war-policy in the Arab and Muslim world being run by the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups as debated by professors Norman Finkelstein and James Petras in February 2007.

Cohen cites the CIA coup against the democratically elected Iranian governement of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953 to reinstall the deposed US-Israel puppet King Reza Shah. In fact, like Mosaddeq, Shah was also secularist. However, Cohen believes that it was Washington’s blind support for the oppressive regime (of which Israel was the biggest beneficiary) brought the ‘mullahs’ out of mosques and established a anti-US Islamic regime in Iran.

Next Cohem blames CIA for supporting the Afghan Mujahideen, whose leaders reminded US President Ronald Reagan as the ‘Fathers of US Nation’ during his meeting with them at the White House in 1983 and some of whom are supporting Taliban (who were also trained by CIA and Mossad).

Cohen also give credit to CIA and Mossad for carrying out their agenda of ‘divide and rule’ within Palestinian groups and “covertly funded Islamist militants (Hamas)” against the secularists (Fatah), whose leaders are easy to be bought out by Washington and Tel Aviv.

Cohen wrote: “If Washington took its heel off the Arab people and ended its embrace of the dictators, that could help secularists and democrats win hearts and minds against extreme Islamists.” Who would know the truth better than Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, who had called these Arab dictators “Israel’s first defense line” against the Islamists.

“Democracy is a great idea. Too bad it plays almost no role in U.S. foreign policy,” concludes Jeff Cohen. Fact is there is no democracy in the US either – and wherever Washington has tried it in the Muslim world – Islamists have won.

Jeff Cohen: America supports Islamists against secularists | Rehmat's World