Jewish Editor: Christianity is good for Israel


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On May 24, 2013, Elliot Jager, Ph.D (in Political Science), a US-Israeli citizen and former Editorial Page Editor of Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post and currently Managing Editor of Jewish Ideas Daily, republished his 2012 article, entitled ‘Christianity: Good for the Jews?’.

Jager says that Christianity is good for Israel, because of its Jewish origin and many Christians (65 million Zionist Christians) are pro-Israel and anti-Muslims.

“Jews have more than a passing interest in the state of Christianity, not only because of Christianity’s origins in Judaism and fraught relationship with Jews but also because nowadays, many believing Christians consider themselves friends of the Jewish people and Israel,” says Jager.

Jager is totally wrong on his first claim. There were no Jews in Palestine or elsewhere in the world during Jesus’ time. The followers of Torah used to call themselves “Israelite” or “Hebrew people”. Jewish historian and author, Benjamin H. Freedman, claims that Jesus was not a Jew. In fact, St. Paul founded Christianity and not prophet Jesus (as).

Jager says at present both Christians and Muslims each make 32% of world population. He claims that a greater Christian population over Muslims will further benefit the Jews. However, he ignores to mention that Jews make less than 0.002% of world population, which is further declining, according to Israeli Ha’aretz newspaper. It stands at 12.9 million.

“The picture is quite different in the Middle East, where Christianity was born but which is now home to less than one percent of Christian believers. Just four percent of today’s Middle Easterners are Christian, mostly Catholic or Orthodox. The country with the largest proportion of Christians – 38 percent – is Hizballah-dominated Lebanon,” said Jager.

The Zionist bigot lied again. The home to largest Christian population is Egypt. Hizbullah holds only 11 seats in 128-seat Lebanese parliament and have three cabinet ministers in a 30-member cabinet. It seems, Jager think Hizbullah to be American Jewish lobby AIPAC which has controlled American politics for decades.

“Pew reports that 100,000 Christians, almost all Arabs, live in the West Bank under Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority. Those who speak for them, such as the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, tend to be PLO marionettes. At this time of year, for instance, the Sunni-dominated PLO cynically promulgates the fairy tale that Jesus was a “Palestinian” and Christmas is a Palestinian holiday, while over in Hamas-run Gaza several thousand Christians live under siege. Meanwhile, Israeli authorities granted West Bank and Gaza Christians passage into Israel to visit family for the holidays and issued 400 separate permits allowing them travel abroad from Ben-Gurion Airport,” boasted Jager.

Wrong again! There is no PLO in the Jewish occupied Palestine. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah, all belongs to the West’s recognized Palestinian Authority (PA). Patriarch Fouad Twal is no lover of Muslims. He slammed the Zionist regime for allowing a gay parade in August 2010, because he claimed that Israeli support for LGBT groups in the Christian world is destroying moral fabric of Christianity. Last year, in an interview with German newspaper, Die Tagespost, Twal claimed that “Jews are no longer the biblical Chosen People”, therefore, Israel has no right to exist as a “Jewish state”. He then compared Christians’ condition in today’s Jerusalem with Jesus’ Passion: “We Christians never forget that even our Lord himself suffered and was mocked in Jerusalem“.

If spitting on Cross or priests by Jews in Israel, is a sign of Jewish tolerance toward Christians – then I have to agree with Dr. Jager.

Christian population in Ottoman-ruled historic Palestine at the time of WW I, was 13%. Currently, Christian communities within Israel, make less than 1% of the total population. Contrary to that the Fatah-ruled West Bank is home to 1.7% Christians and Hamas-ruled Gaza has 2.1% Christians.

The “Jewish Values” survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, claimed on April 3, 2012 that 80% of American Jews don’t trust Zionist Christians – while 41.4% said they don’t like Muslims.

Yes, Jesus was born in city of Nazreth, which still is predominantly Palestinian.

Jager concludes his article, saying: “In fact, as fate would have it, Christian and Jewish civilizations at the present time have every reason to seek possibilities for collaboration. Strangely enough, what’s “good for the Jews” – and the Jewish state – is to see Christianity thriving.”

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