Canada’s Jewish ‘rescuer-spy’ in Syria


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After realizing that Barack Obama has lost his steam over a regime change in Damascus after receiving warnings from Moscow and Tehran – the Canadian Jewish Lobby’s top media mouthpiece, The National Post, recreated the story of Jewish holocaust in Syria before the current Baathist regime established by Hafez Assad (father of current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad) in 1970.

The story revolve around Montreal-born “Jewish mother” turned spy, Judy Feld Carr, 75, allegedly rescued several hundred Arab Jews from Syria using smugglers and bribing government officials. For her “humanitarian work”, Israeli president Shimon Peres, a war criminal, honored her with ‘Presidential Award of Distinction’, last year.

“I was awarded it because I secretly took out three-quarters of the Syrian Jewish community by escape routes and by ransom, and it’s the biggest secret in the Jewish world. Nobody, but I mean nobody, knew how I was doing it,” she told the Jerusalem Post at her home in Jerusalem after receiving the award.

Now, she is quoted as saying that no Jew has left in Syria due to the antisemite Syrian regime. How much is truth behind this latest Zionist propaganda lie against Syrian regime? Aimee Harwood, admits in Jewish the International Business Times (September 4, 2013) that there are 50 Syrian Jews who are making preparations to celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah 5774 at Damascus’ 2000-year-old Jobar Synagogue. Harwood also claims that before the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948, there were 30,000 Arab Jews in Syria – but most of them left their motherland for Israel or the United states. Somehow, he missed to mention Canada from where Ms Carr ran her “Rescue Jew” operation!

Furthermore, how Assad regimes could be accused of mistreating local Jews when late President Hafez Assad was claimed to be ”at peace” with the Zionist entity? In June 1999, Hafez Assad and Zionist prime minister Ehud Barak exchanged compliments via a British journalist (Alan Hart, probably). Yitzhak Rabin is quoted saying: “Syrian leaders always keep their committments”. Shimon Peres said: “With the Syrians, it is very hard to reach an agreement, but the agreement will stand”. Ehud Barak has said that Hafez Assad consistently lives up to his word. Uri Sagi, a past head of Israeli military intelligence, has asserted that “if and when Assad signs an agreement, he will keep his word”.

In October 1999, one of America’s top Islamophobes, Zionist Jew Daniel Pipes posted on his blog that after a “1992 deal” with the US president George Bush, on phone, president Hafez Assad announced that Syrian Jewish community of 4,000 is free to leave their motherland.

“And, indeed, by October 1992 three-quarters of the Syrian Jewish population had received passports and exit visas,” wrote Pipes.

These days, Jewish Lobby is as much allergic to word “Assad” as it’s to word “Saddam” ten years ago. For example, in June 2010, Zionist Jewish journalist Thomas Friedman accused the Zionist regime of using Hafez Assad’s “Hama Rules” ( a term he coined himself to describe Hafez Assad’s massacre of 20,000 people in Hama city, a stronghold of Muslim Brotherhood, in February 1982) against Gaza people in 2008-09, Rabbi Shmuley Bosteach at Huffington Post accused Friedman’s comparison “the Jewish Blood Libel”.

Jewish Queen of talk-show hosts, Barbara Walters has twice wined and dined with Bashar al-Assad at Damascus President’s House. She found Bashar intelligent and charming.

To understand why Arab Jews left Syria, one needs to study Naeim Giladi’s book The Jews of Iraq, which proves that Arab Jews were not expelled by Muslims or Christians – but they left their motherlands as result of Zionists’ terrorism against fellow Jews.

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