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Lady' can you tell me if there is anyone you know of who has contact with amature astronomers stationed in Australia or somewhere equally way down south? I'm thinking these guys will be the first to see Nibiru and before I ask my nephews for 10K each (to build a concrete bunker btw) I'd like some physical evidence for them, not just the mountains of circumstancial evidence.
Will you keep me informed? I mean, ok we have this date 21.12.2012 when the Mayan calander ends but as far as I know, there is no mention of Nibiru, just the Dark Rift or Milky Way as we'd call it and the galactic aligment. Nevertheless, there is plenty of other stuff like that scientist who warns us of the solarflares peaking in 2012, so my guess is Nibiru might not be far behind, after all if we're in for a party lets make it a big one! So, if you hear anything will you let me know please?

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Unfortunately, I don't think I can be of much help on the subject of Nibiru. Maybe others on this forum can be of help to you. I only have my own speculations from what I have learned in the past, but I'm sure it's nothing more that what others have been hearing. If there is any new information about it, I'm sure someone will post here on UHF.

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