Kerry: “It’s not right time for Israel-Palestine peace talk”


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US Secretary of State, Joh Kerry (with Jewish family roots), left Israel frustrated on Friday after holding separate meetings with Zionist prime minister Netanyahu and the USraeli puppet Mahmoud Abbas, urging both to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israeli daily Ha’aretz on May 24 quoted Kerry saying: “now is not the right time“.

Britain’s pro-Israel Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who is in Israel on a 2-day aliya to Jerusalem and Ramallah, held a 20-minute press conference on Friday. He, like Kerry, warned both sides that time is running out for a two-state solution – and Washington might decide to give up on the issue of a peace negotiation between Israel and PA. UK’s daily Guardian reported on May 24: “Many western diplomats are sceptical about the Israelis’ frequently stated committment to resume talks, given their unwillingness to curb the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which are seen as an impediment to peace talks by most of the international community“.

Ahead of John Kerry’s recent visit, Israeli daily Ha’aretz quoted an Israeli official saying: “Kerry looks like a naive and ham-handed diplomat“.

On May 22, Lee smith degraded John Kerry at the Jewish Daily Forward by saying: “Kerry’s public statements have little connection to workable diplomacy. Rather, the secretary of state is the leading man in a theatrical production about American Middle East policy… Having exited Iraq, packed up our gears in Afghanistan, abandoned our “red lines” about Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s use of chemical weapons, America has gone from player to kibitzer“.

I guess, it’s useless to educate Zionist bigots like Lee Smith that even American officials admitted the use of chemical weapons could have been an Israeli false flag operation to demonize Assad regime. Lee Smith did not feel any shame for belittling the United States which has wasted more than $3 trillion on Israel-Palestine conflict for the survival of the Zionist entity.

Earlier this month, Khalid Mashaal, the “moderate” leader of Gaza-ruling Hamas, said John Kerry’s mission is doomed to failure as he has not presented any solution to the ongoing crisis. Mashaal supported the Arab Leagues’s watered-down 2002 ME Peace Plan, written by Saudi Arabia. However, Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniyeh rejected the AL plan saying outsiders could not decide the fate of Palestinians.

On May 24, Matt Hill, a British writer and journalist wrote in British daily New Statesman that William Hague went to Israel to provide a propaganda booster to John Kerry – otherwise, both know that their mission is doomed to failure.

“There will be talks about talks, and there may even be talks. But you can bet your bottom shekel they will lead precisely where every other round of negotiations has led, from Madrid to Oslo to Camp David to Annapolis – down a dead end of continued occupation and war. This isn’t because, as some claim, the Israel-Palestine conflict is some mind-bendingly complex problem with no ready solution. In fact, there is already a detailed plan on offer, supported by the US, the UN, the EU, the Arab League, and Israeli-Palestinian civil society, to create two states for two peoples, based on the 1967 lines with minor “land swaps”, and with Jerusalem as a shared capital,” wrote Hill.

The problem is Netanyahu and his radical Jewish partners will never agree to dismantle the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – and share their Holy Jerusalem with Native Arab Muslims and Christans.

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